Richard Peres on headscarfed women’s next big challenge… and a politics roundup

The next big challenge for women who wear headscarves: getting a job by Richard Peres

The recent signs that all of Turkey?s universities may open their gates and classrooms to women wearing headscarves are welcome and worthy of celebration.

How was the headscarf issue Solved? by MÜMTAZ?ERTÜRKÖNE

It was one of the most inextricable and most chronic issues in Turkey. Despite its complexity and huge challenges, it was settled by a very simple move.

Turkey Rolls Back University Scarf Ban
Wall Street Journal
By MARC CHAMPION ISTANBUL?Turkey is quietly resolving an issue that has come to symbolize the country’s bitter divisions and nearly toppled its government

Moody?s Investors Service raised the outlook on Turkey

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Mavi Boncuk | Moody?s Investors Service raised the outlook on Turkey

Moody?s Investors Service raised the outlook on Turkey?s Ba2 local and foreign currency bond ratings to positive from stable citing improvements in the economy and debt management.

Irrevocable Provisions of Irreconcilable Differences

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

Constitutional Court President Haşim Kılıç[1] called attention to the Irrevocable Provisions of the Turkish Constitution and called it contradictory to the spirit and tenets of international constitutional law.
Mavi Boncuk|


The Constitution?s unchangeable articles

Even the title of the debate is provocative, as it is impossible to even suggest amending the first four articles of the Constitution. Turkey?s current Constitution orders us to not even dream of amending its first four articles.

ABDULHAMİT BİLİCİ – The prime minister?s Kurdish as a native language criteria

The democratic initiative, which began with great expectations then hit a major bump in the road with the Habur incident, has again been rejuvenated.

Why Turkey?s new constitution will be an opportunity missed

by istanbulnotes

In my last post, I quoted Juan Linz and Al Stepan outlining the kind of conditions that need to prevail in order for a country to engage in a process of ?free and consensual constitution-making?. I think the chances of Turkey meeting (or even approaching) this benchmark are non-existent or thereabouts.

LALE KEMAL – From failed military solution to political process on PKK

For the first time, Turkey has been applying political means rather than just the failed 26-year-old military solution to both its Kurdish as well as its terror problems. This, however, does not mean that Turkey has abandoned military methods against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK). At least the military has been accepting more political guidance in the fight against terror in contrast to prior decades of ill-defined terror strategies pursued by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) alone.

EMRE USLU – Decoding the Avcı project

Hanefi Avcı, former chief of the Eskişehir police, was arrested a few days ago. Allegedly Avcı leaked confidential information about an investigation on a shadowy leftist organization, the Revolutionary Headquarters, that led to the deaths of two police officers and a civilian in the last two years.

MÜMTAZER TÜRKÖNE – Constitution wars

Political debates will continue to center on the Constitution for some time to come. This prediction is reinforced by Republican People?s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu?s offer to draft a new constitution just after the referendum.

KLAUS JURGENS – ?Deep state? does not include ?old boys? networks?

Yesterday members of Parliament came back from summer recess ready to deal with the heavy workload of post-Sept. 12 constitutional reform issues and day-to-day policymaking.

BDP’s decentralization proposal debated in Turkey

from Hurriyet Dailynews by ANKARA – Hürriyet Daily News
Turkey’s strong centralist structure could use some shaking up, many seem to agree, but the pro-Kurdish party’s call for decentralization is seen by its critics as a threat to national unity. Even those who support giving local administrations more financial and administrative autonomy say the BDP’s demands for 26 self-governing regions go too far

The AKParty?s only rival

Let me say it from the very beginning, if there is no significant division in right-wing votes, it will be impossible for a leftist party to challenge the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) in the upcoming general elections.

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