Noam Chomsky in Istanbul

Some friends were absolutely excited about it as he was to attend free speech event in Istanbul Bilgi University. I was not so. Mr. Chomsky’s arguments are known, nothing new. That doesn’t mean I don’t disagree with most of his arguments but I wish an academic of such a calibre would invest more time on theoretical innovation…
Noam Chomsky – Deterring Democracy: Chomsky in TURKEY this weekend

Chomsky, Falk in İstanbul to press for free speech
Today’s Zaman
Two days of academic panel discussions will be held at İstanbul Bilgi University on Saturday and Sunday as part of the 7th Gathering for Freedom of

Turkey’s struggle for free expression continues, Chomsky says
Hurriyet Daily News
Turkey’s “serious” human rights violations are carrying on their fight and often endure “severe punishment,” Noam Chomsky said Saturday in Istanbul.

7th Istanbul Meeting for Freedom of Thought

from Bianet :: English
Renowned international experts like Richard Falk, Noam Chomsky and Hilal Elver attended the 7th Istanbul Meeting for Freedom of Thought on 9/10 October. Turkish journalists, publishers and artists gave an insight into the legal procedures launched against them because of their thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Noam Chomsky in Istanbul

  1. I wish I knew about this. Beside everything else, I think it is important enough that they went to the hearing of the trial of two journalists, giving them their support.

    1. Dear Ayşe, you were out of mediascene I guess, during last week it was a trendy subject, it was hard not to hear the news…

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