“Sözlük”s- Introducing Turkish Cybersphere (12)

Ekşi Sözlük initiated a new form of collaborative new media experience for many Turks. “Sözlük” literally means “dictionary”. It is described as a collaborative hypertext ‘dictionary’ based on the concept of Web sites built up on user contribution. Here is a list of major sözlük projects in Turkish cybersphere… Ekşi Sözlük deusozluk.com fokurfokur.com ihlsozluk.com itusozluk.com … Read more

“Headscarf Ban at Universities Softened but more to do for human rights…

It is just like that. In another round of never ending headscarf issue, Higher Education Council (YÖK) sent university presidents a memo to actually lift the ban. But of course it will take more time to legally change the situation… It is only after the miserable defeat of Kemalist forces in referendum, this shameful ban … Read more

@sosyalmedyatv @mesutyar @ismailhpolat Tonight, the 7th episode of Sosyal Medya

Here comes the 7th episode of Sosyal Medya. I was less involved in this episode in choosing guests. Still, sort of satisfactory issues to be discussed. Our main guest is Mesut Yar, a popular satirist TV news commentator and also Posta daily columnist. He will talk about relations between humor, media and social media. Mesut … Read more

Neanderthals, more favorable now…

Anthropologists adopt a more favorable view of Neanderthals from Wash Post Europe by Marc Kaufman Scientists are broadly rethinking the nature, skills and demise of the Neanderthals of Europe and Asia, steadily finding more ways that they were substantially like us and quite different from the limited, unchanging and ultimately doomed inferiors most commonly described … Read more

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