Euro roundup: rights of EU citizens; EU’s image problem etc…

Know your rights as an EU citizen by Grahnlaw Are you moving within the European Union? Are you looking for work in another EU country, or are you setting up shop? Is your employer turning you into an expat? Do you want to spend retirement in another EU member state? Are there family reasons for … Read more

Sevcan tells us about DMG ?New Media Order? Conference

(photo source here) I know that it was a late post about this activity. Please accept my apology. My workload and the thesis semester take all my time and I cannot even find time to go to the meetups regularly. I want to add that, there will be Diwali Festival in UAE and India. Indians … Read more

Erkan’s Field Diary: Top posts of the week and the month found in  Zeitgeist Top Posts for 7 days ending 2010-10-31 1- BBC interviews Hilal Kaplan on ?the humiliating ban? 2- A video: ?UBRIVO ? PORNO STAR 3- A video: Turkish Porn Star Şahin K?s comedy film trailer 4- 73.7 % for Aşk-ı Memnu 5- Sepultura concert tomorrow 6- Turkish TV series, a threat to … Read more

A video: Manchester United in Turkish Airlines ad

Turkish Airlines to air new commercial in 80 countries KLAUS JURGENS – From budget to business ? ?Turquality? a la Turkish Airlines If brand recognition applies to a country, too, then Turkey has come a long way. The most recent Turkish Airlines (THY) commercial featuring a cast of Manchester United players plus a surprise guest … Read more

IHD’s ethnic lynch in Turkey report (2005-2010) (in Turkish)

the report of Human Rights Association can be found here. ************************ Il y a cent ans, le paquebot Kurdistan sombrait au large du Finistère. (100 sene önce Bretagna?da Kurdistan gemisi batmis) from YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs) by anne Ancient Winemaking Makes Resurgence in Southeast Turkey | Europe | English A Good Change: Religious … Read more

A video: The Walking Dead – ISTANBUL

“The Walking Dead” strikes major cities worldwide with a zombie invasion. Find out more: http://thewalkingdead.foxinternationa…… and an Istanbul roundup: Istanbul book fair to mark its 29th year TÜYAP İstanbul Book Fair marking 29th anniversary with novelties Today’s Zaman The 29th edition of the annual TÜYAP İstanbul Book Fair, the Turkish publishing industry’s largest gathering, … Read more

YouTube ban lifted for the moment after 2,5 years…

Four videos that insult Atatürk have been removed and the ban is lifted for the moment. It is a just a matter of time. Upload a video again and Turks will apply for the ban and they will continue to embarras themselves… news in Turkish Turkey lifts its ban on YouTube: agency from Yahoo news … Read more

I want success in football. Allen Iverson doesn’t impress me…

So, Necip is a bigger find for us… Necip Uysal – the light at the end of the Turkish tunnel IMScouting Turkish football may not be currently experiencing the best period in its history, yet Besiktas are still a massive name across Europe photo source Allen Iverson set to join Turkey’s Besiktas: report from Yahoo … Read more

Cyprus issue may have nailed the coffin…

JOOST LAGENDIJK – Cypriot shrewdness and European shortsightedness They again managed to manipulate European decision making. As on many previous occasions, Greek Cypriot representatives were able to decisively influence the opinion of a European Union institution on a Cyprus-related issue. Last week the European Parliament (EP) was scene to yet another successful attempt to hijack … Read more

Who gives a s*hit any more? Chief of Staff did not attend the President’s reception…

The army is in a losing battle. They have lost most of their ground. It seems that they cannot even control their (supposedly) tightly sealed structure (ie. latest spy operation) I personally do not give a shit; better not to see uniformed people among civilians… Turkey’s Chief of Staff Gen. Isik Kosaner, right, shakes hands … Read more

Ali Nesin, also a victim of European visa regulations

In our academic list, we have received a mail from Ali Nesin, famous mathematician and also son of Aziz Nesin. He was officially invited to a ceremony in Germany but because of never ending bureacratic demands from the German consulate, he decided not to go… This is not the first time and will probably not … Read more

Turks celebrate Republic Day in Facebook profile photos

From my Facebook news flow:) By the way, Google’s contribution to Republic Day: Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul (4th L), accompanied by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan (2nd L) and Kemal Kilicdaroglu (3rd L), leader of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), attend an official ceremony to mark the 87th anniversary of Republic Day at Anitkabir, … Read more

the 10th and 11th episodes of Sosyal Medya @sosyalmedyatv

On Monday we will have the 11th episode of Sosyal Medya. Last Monday we had Nazlı Ilıcak, the queen of Twitter in Turkey some call. She is one of the most well-known columnists and despite her old age- she challenges the stereotypes that older people do not understand the web- she is an efficient user … Read more

the Tea Party follows Obama, uses Digital Media to gain power…

How the Tea Party Utilized Digital Media to Gain Power from MediaShift The biggest story of the U.S. midterm election has been the growing influence of the Tea Party movement. Since their first rallies in early 2009, these vocal, visible conservatives have succeeded in shifting the center of American political discourse to the right. This … Read more

Google to help digital journalism…

$5 million to encourage innovation in digital journalism from The Official Google Blog by A Googler Journalism is fundamental to a functioning democracy. So as media organizations globally continue to broaden their presence online, we?re eager to play our part on the technology side?experimenting with new ways of presenting news online; providing tools like Google … Read more