Sevcan on last night’s episode: “We are waiting your tweets for @sosyalmedyatv on Twitter!

sosyalmedya1 500x375 Erkans TV career (!) begins tonight

We had our first social media program at TRT Haber channel last night. Actually, even our program consultant Erkan Saka had no idea about the program circulation. (because he is in Ireland now and we are jealous.)
So we could not write about before it started.

While watching the program, we discussed with many of friends, especially from twitter and I am ready to introduce you this program called Sosyal Medya.

Program content was more crowded and fast paced than usual because of being the first part. In fact, I started to murmur the music of Gone with The Wind. The program was presented by Nagehan Alci and she was always moving from the right side to left side to talk with the guests.

And the guests..

We clearly saw M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu and Mirgun Cabas on the right side of the studio but Özgür Uckan and Divxplanet’s admin called Neottoman seemed for a while on the left side. @mserdark and @MirgunCabas talked about the usage of Twitter and Facebook. After this conversation, they focused on the special subtitles for disabled people with Neottoman. And the last guest was Özgür Uçkan, the instructor from Istanbul Bilgi University. He talked about censorship which is the most recent issue on the agenda .

Being so excited, anormally active and having so many guests with so many different questions was very normal. I’ll stand on this issue for the negative criticism.

When our program consultant @sakaerka turns back to his country, it will be better part to part. 🙂

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