Rick Steves: Praying and partying in the streets of Istanbul

Levent/Istanbul. Big business district. via
Praying and partying in the streets of Istanbul
Seattle Times
Istanbul is more than 90 percent Muslim. My most recent trip here happened to coincide with Ramadan. During this time, the Muslim faith seems even more

Turkish soap opera Noor brings tourist boom to Istanbul
The Guardian
Noor, starring Turkish actors Songül Öden and Kivanç Tatlitug (pictured), tells the story of a girl from the country who marries into a wealthy Istanbul

First exhibition of İstanbul monumental tombs opens
Today’s Zaman
A selection of items from the İstanbul Tomb Museum Directorate is currently on display at Topkapı Palace, revealing the richness of the monumental tombs .

Istanbul’s Faces’ aims to promote Turkey’s largest city
Hurriyet Daily News
A new project titled ‘Istanbul’s Faces’ aims to promote the city in its all aspects. Initiated by Kültür A.Ş, the project includes the publication of books .

11 years after Marmara earthquake, is Istanbul any better prepared?

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Despite a costly effort to ready the city for a major earthquake, Istanbul is scarcely better prepared for a devastating tremor than it was when the Marmara earthquake hit 11 years ago.
İstanbul reminiscent of those cities
Today’s Zaman
?İstanbul‘un Şehirleri? (The Cities of İstanbul), an 18-episode documentary set to debut at the end of the year, takes us to the streets of 13 cities in its

Turkey’s Besiktas to host HJK Helsinki in Euro League
Turkish soccer club Besiktas will host Finland’s HJK Helsinki in the first leg of the playoff round of the UEFA Europa League in Istanbul on Tuesday.

Delicious Istanbul during Ramadan

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Preparations for the celebrations of the month of Ramadan usually start weeks in advance.

Survey: İstanbul’s buildings not strong enough to withstand earthquake
Today’s Zaman
A new survey has found that most buildings in İstanbul are not strong enough to withstand a substantial earthquake. According to the study, conducted by the

Archaeologists discover Byzantine monastic complex in Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
The Küçükyalı Arkeopark, a large archaeological area on the Asian side of Istanbul, hosts the only surviving Byzantine monastic complex in the city,

Latest rip-off on Turkish TV relocates ‘Gossip Girl’ to Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
Compare this to the Turkish version of ?Gossip Girl,? the recent TV phenomenon ?Küçük Sırlar? (Little Secrets), which puts Istanbul’s spoiled brats onscreen

Enjoy Istanbul’s culture and cool vibe
I am planning a seven-day trip to Istanbul for my birthday next month. I’m interested in exploring the city as well as experiencing the nightlife.

Iftar in Istanbul Al Fresco
Ramazan, as it is called in Turkish, is celebrated in Istanbul as a joyous festival with daily events held around the city peaking at Iftar,

Mahmutpaşa Bazaar in the middle of Istanbul
Hurriyet Daily News
Bring an adventurous spirit and be prepared to veer off into the unknown, where some of Istanbul’s best kept historical secrets lie.

Tarihi Karaköy Balık Lokantası ? Istanbul | Istanbul Food
By Tuba Şatana
And he is the only man in İstanbul for me who can grill fish perfectly, flawlessly, dreamy. Muharrem Usta has been a master for 21 years now. Being a master, a real master is not easy, he started his way in the kitchen from washing

Report highlights challenges of US missions in Turkey
Today’s Zaman
But it highlights space constraints in both Ankara and İstanbul and underlines repeatedly that the embassy in Ankara needs a new embassy compound

Ordering an ice cream cone in Istanbul is super annoying – Boing Boing
By Sean Bonner
There’s no intention of disrespect when the ice cream vendors do this in Istanbul — it’s all a part of the show. I’m sure this kid saw this act 20 times before he decided to step up and buy a cone for himself. Your’re basically paying

Business clusters create distinct Istanbul districts

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Groupings of shops selling hardware supplies, clothing or furniture have become so familiar in Istanbul that they characterize many of the city’s neighborhoods, creating unique atmospheres worth slowing down to explore

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