Elif: Rihanna in Turkish Cyprus

Political Lobby or Hate speech?

(Caution: Serious zone!)

There was a sensational polemic,  especially in Turkey, when Greek Cypriot people lobbied against Jennifer Lopez?s planned concert in Northern Cyprus where ?pre-dominantly? Turkish people reside.

Why? Because they are Turkish and they* don?t show any ?reasonable? reason!

A month or less ago, when Jennifer Lopez was getting ready to go to Cyprus; 20 thousand people influenced J-Lo through Facebook group and now according to the British newspaper the Sun, the Greek newspaper Politis published an op-edentitled as ?War against Rihanna? which is very fascist, racist and is full of hate speech. Also according to what the Greek newspaper said, on Facebook the ?anti- Rihanna concert? group has now 2.500 members and the number is climbing rapidly.

I think it doesn?t matter who sings where, but it?s a matter that the ?othering? discourses influence both south and north side of Cyprus negatively.

Still if a group doesn?t agree with Rihanna to go to North Cyprus, someone should remind them that:

(Calm down: Unserious zone)

-Rihanna has already come to Turkey and Turkish people watched her performance in June.

– Even though music includes propaganda as in especially 70?s, music is more than that.

Still if there isa  problem maybe promoters can implement these:

–          There can be a drawing for 100 Greek people to have free tickets.

–          Rihanna can sing two Turkish songs in Greek.

Isn?t that enough for orientation? J


?They? means the pressure group that is against Rihanna to go North Cyprus; not whole Greeks.

News about ?Concert? matter?

1-Greeks are in the pursuit of Rihanna:

Rumlar Rihanna?nın peşinde!
Rumlar şimdi de Rihanna?ya sardı

2-J-Lo is trying to be exempted from compensation:

?Tazminattan kurtulma peşinde?

3- A big lawsuit for Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez?e Kıbrıs cephesinden büyük dava!

4- Lopez agreed with Greek:

Jennifer Lopez Rumlara boyun eğdi

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