Announcing good news from Erkan’s Field Diary

Dear Readers, maybe you realized maybe not, I have been inviting some of my friends and students who have a good background to write regularly for the blog. Soon a list of guest authors, their info and their personal pages will be seen at this page. One of the most regular authors, Elif has already got a page. We will make it better soon. All guest author blog posts can be seen here. We might also change the naming  “guest”. I could not figure out a better title yet:) I am open to suggestions. I intend to build this blog into a more powerful and resourceful website without losing the personal touch. It is still my toy and I would like to invite my beloved friends around to play with me. Melek Çetin is the newest comer and her post will appear tonight. I am very excited about the authors. I like them personally and I trust in what they work on.

As an experimental feature, I started a Facebook page for the blog. I don’t know yet what to do with it, but gives a tool to connect with the blog even further, I guess. On the right hand side, you can see who “likes” the blog:)

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