Euro roundup: Media freedom threatened in most European countries, Wilders backs Dutch minority government etc…

Wilders backs Dutch minority government

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Talks begin to form a minority liberal-conservative administration with the informal backing of the anti-immigrant party of Geert Wilders.

MAIN FOCUS: The Netherlands pulls out of Afghanistan | 02/08/2010

from euro|topics

On Sunday, the Netherlands became the first Nato member state to begin withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan. The withdrawal proves that the strategies of the West in Afghanistan have failed, writes the press, and expects other countries to follow the Netherlands’ example.

Media freedom threatened in most European countries, says OSCE

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Roma people

(Photo: La Voix Des Rroms)

EU washes hands of French plans for Roma expulsions as tensions grow

from – Headline News

MAIN FOCUS: France wants to deport Roma | 30/07/2010

from euro|topics

Following clashes between the police and a group of Roma, the French government wants to deport Roma who have entered the country illegally or who engage in crime. It also plans to dissolve around 300 illegal Roma settlements. The press condemns the moves as stigma and criticises France and the EU for their failures.

Bulgaria’s ‘murder bureau’ targetted emigre dissidents

from – Headline News

Blogging about Europe? Join!

by Grahnlaw

At least to some extent Euroblogs offer the ?Brussels Bubble? feedback on the outside world of half a billion people living in the European Union. At the same time blogs related to EU affairs inform and foster debate among citizens, including themselves.

Italy: NO to Restrictions on Online Free Speech

from Global Voices Online by Bernardo Parrella

Europe’s butterfly effect, Fabrizio Tassinari

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Fabrizio Tassinari

According to chaos theory, the butterfly effect refers to those tiny events leading to major, long-term variations in a system. The metaphor provides a moderately optimistic outlook for Europe?s influence in the 21st century world: any lasting advance in Europe?s global reach is unlikely to be executed through a grand plan; it will at best happen through some key, imperceptible, developments that may produce broader, though not entirely planned, consequences.

The state of the European Union: EU-27 Watch No 9 published

by Grahnlaw

Actually, EU-27 Watch offers more than it promises. Despite its name, the Internet platform compiles materials on European policy debates in 31 countries, as reported by researchers from national research institutes (think tanks): 27 EU member states as well as the four candidate countries for accession, Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia and Iceland.

Euroblogs: Where is Le Taurillon?

by Grahnlaw

What has happened to Le Taurillon, the once active and alert online magazine for EU citizens in French, and the hub for articles in English, German and Italian sister publications?

Kosovo, law and politics, Engjellushe Morina

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Engjellushe Morina

The long-awaited decision by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on 22 July 2010 came as good news for the people of Kosova (Kosovo). In offering its non-binding opinion in a case that had been brought by Serbia following the Kosova parliament?s declaration of independence on 17 February 2008, the ICJ stipulated that Kosova?s declaration did not violate international law or breach United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (passed at the end of the war of 1999 which had removed Serbian military forces from Kosova). In effect, the world court ruled that Kosovars had done nothing wrong – that the Republic of Kosova was a legal entity.

Hungary declares “economic freedom fight” with EU and IMF

by Open Europe blog team

The new Hungarian government, and its Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, has decided it’s had enough of being dictated to by the EU and the IMF, which both recently halted bailout-loan talks, saying Hungary wasn’t doing enough to make durable cuts in state spending.

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