feeling sorry for CHP’s EU office


as she had to make such an irrational statement:

Kader Sevinc: The CHP is the most progressive political force in Turkey working for a truly European and democratic Turkey

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Asked about the CHP letter to the S&D Group, the CHP?s EU Representative in Brussels Ms. Kader Sevinc replied that ?This was a private correspondence. It would be inappropriate to make it public without the consent of other persons. The letter conveyed  the message of the CHP President Mr Kilicdaroglu and the party?s position on […]

Turkish opposition wants ?better channels? with EU socialists

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Published: 26 July 2010 | Updated: 27 July 2010
Turkey?s main opposition CHP party said it was deeply disappointed by the ?wrong advice? it said it had received from within the European socialist ranks to which it is affiliated, EurActiv has learned.
Ambassador Marc Pierini, the Commission Representative in Ankara, warned that ?the Commission?s position on the Constitutional […]

‘no’ vote on constitutional reforms.

Kılıçdaroğlu sending the wrong message to Europe

from Hurriyet Dailynews by HDN
One critical area we have not been able to get a clear picture on is CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu?s stance on key foreign policy issues.

İHSAN DAĞI – The CHP and European socialists: Any common ground?

European social democrats seem puzzled by the Republican People?s Party (CHP). That a member of Socialist International opposes reforms for democratization and Europeanization is hard to believe, but if you just remember the history of the CHP it makes sense because this party is not a social democrat party.

ABDULHAMİT BİLİCİ – Why is the CHP rowing with Europe?

First let me remind you of the following famous joke. Temel was driving in heavy traffic and listening to the police radio. Then, the music was gone abruptly, and an announcer said: ?Attention drivers: It is reported that a car is traveling the wrong way down the highway.? Hearing the announcement, Temel looked outside and said to himself, ?No, not just one car, there are so many of them…?

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