Elif on alcohol-free wine(!)

This is certainly the example of ?Political Economy?

Just after the shocking speech of the prime minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in which he told that that people should prefer fruits instead of drinking alcoholic beverages since these drinks are made up of fruits, a company launched alcohol-free wine.

I find it really interesting because like the best seller books that seem be written beforehand about hot issues are just released on time, suddenly economy gets integrated with the political agenda.

How? I don?t know. But I can give up some conspiracy theories? Maybe, the company was waiting for some politician?s like Erdoğan’s. Or maybe Erdoğan asked help from a company in his holy mission to take the people out from alcohol or maybe the ?invisible hand? mentioned by Adam Smith exist?

The producer of this non-alcoholic wine is ?Kevser Halal Wine? Tamer Tabak, red, pink and white wines aims to reach to the people who can?t drink wine because of their illness and the people who have to drive after drinking.

The new emerging markets can be for the benefit of the economy; still I want to ask the producers to stop producing alcoholic drinks without alcohol.

Otherwise, in the future there will be a dialog in the package stores and restaurant.

Waiter: What would you like to have?

Client: I want to have a double whisky

Waiter: Spiked or alcohol free?:)

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