Attempts to take Turkey back to pre-AKP political scene: PKK increase attacks, Top courts intervene in favor of Ergenekon, American neocons scream for battle

Top Statesmen visit the ambushed site

… and a few ask why the all powerful Turkish army cannot defend its own soldiers… And the government doesn’t have any other support than its own constituencies. Hard times to be an AKP official. Middle Eastern sympathies cannot become a concrete support in near future, AKP has to rely on popular power, has to initiate a strong PR campaign. Some are quick to accuse AKP of increasing terrorist activities as if PKK and the Army stays playing around there. But one thing is sure now: PKK wanted a war and a new level of war begins. Turkish State may have a better chance this time: PKK has been acting like a hitman in recent years. It has long lost domestic sympathies from several sections of society. And government may have a chance to marginalize it among Kurdish citizens. We will see what happens. And in the mean time farewell to relative peace we had in the last decade…

Turkey to fight PKK ‘to the end’

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Recep Tayyip Erdogan says his government will fight Kurdish rebels until they are ‘annihilated’, after 11 soldiers die in attacks.

Turks and Kurdish Rebels Clash

from NYT > Turkey by By SEBNEM ARSU
Tensions have been escalating along Turkey?s border with Iraq, with at least 130 rebel fighters and 43 members of the Turkish security forces killed since March.


Turkey?s Gain Is Iran?s Loss

The U.S. may benefit as Turkey uses the flotilla attack to take a leadership role in the Muslim world.

U.N. Leader Criticizes Israel?s Panel on Flotilla

from NYT > Turkey by By NEIL MACFARQUHAR
Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the investigation of Israel?s attack on a flotilla headed for Gaza lacked international credibility.

USA Undermines Democracy in Turkey: It?s Turkey Stupid, Not Israel

from OPEN ANTHROPOLOGY by John Stanton

Friday, June 18, 2010

Writing from Istanbul

Turkey is vital to United States? national security interests. No country in the region deserves America?s cooperation?at all levels?more than Turkey?s current government. And no country is more ignorant of Turkish politics, culture and geographic importance than America. As former ambassador James Holmes, Executive Director of the American Turkish Council stated, ?There is a hole in America?s knowledge of Turkey.?

West must offer Turkey a proper seat

from – World, Europe
The message I took from policymakers at a conference in Istanbul was far more subtle than the present discourse in the west. Far from turning its back on Europe, Ankara hopes that its rising regional influence will strengthen its claim for admission, writes Philip Stephens

Turkey, France test the water before Sarkozy visit

from by Georgi

Turkish President Abdullah Gül and France’s State Secretary for European Affairs Pierre Lellouche spoke to EurActiv at an Istanbul conference, which appeared to be a dress rehearsal ahead of a ‘make or break’ visit by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Turkey later this year.

Turkey suspends bilateral agreements with Israel

from Yahoo news
Turkey’s prime minister has shelved 16 bilateral agreements with Israel, Turkey’s daily Zaman reported.

Minority foundations in Turkey: From past to future (2) by ORHAN KEMAL CENGİZ

In my previous piece I tried to explain the history of minority foundations, how they lost their possessions and what kind of legal steps had been taken to solve their problems.

KLAUS JURGENS – The impact of the quartet on Israel?s security cabinet vote

After two days of deliberations, Israel?s security cabinet approved this Thursday morning a partial easing of the blockade of the Gaza Strip. This decision comes after the Middle East Quartet?s envoy, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, held talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Turkey succeeds where the EU has consistently failed

by acturca

European Voice (Belgium) 17.06.2010

By Toby Vogel

Engagement in the western Balkans shows that Turkey is not turning towards a more Islamic agenda. Future historians of reconciliation in the western Balkans could do worse than focus their narrative on 24 April 2010, a day on which Boris Tadic, Serbia?s president, and Haris Silajd?ic, the Muslim representative on Bosnia and Herzegovina?s three-member presidency, met Abdullah Gül, Turkey?s president, at Istanbul?s Çiragan Palace. The summit was the result of months of intense diplomacy between Ankara, Sarajevo and Belgrade, diplomacy that ran in parallel to Turkish mediation between Croatia and Serbia.

YAVUZ BAYDAR – Israel pushes ahead — slightly

The Israeli government, in an apparent move to give in to international pressure, declared yesterday that it will ease the land blockade considerably. The number of products allowed into Gaza will expand and even include desperately needed construction materials such as cement and steel.

What Is Happening Between Israel and Turkey?

from U.S.A.K. Blog
Prof. Ihsan Bal

Israeli defense forces (IDF) stormed the gaza aid flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza as part of the campaign: ?Our Route is Palestine, Our Load is Humanitarian Aid.? By publishing the images, the media portrayed Israel?s illegal act and showed how it broke the international rules of law as well as the violence that Israel used against the civilians. People around the world reacted to this disproportionate retaliation on the high seas that was carried out on a ship which was attempting to deliver humanitarian aid.

Axis And Turkey: What Should Change?

from U.S.A.K. Blog

Suleyman Ozeren

Due to recent incidents and developments; nowadays, the question, whether Turkey has changed its axis, has been brought to public agenda more than ever. If we are to refresh our minds whether what led some part of the local and international intellectuals to discuss this matter; several items can be listed, however, a few prominent issues should be enough to grasp the picture.

Letter From Istanbul, Part 2

from NYT > Turkey by By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN
An inner struggle is going on as Turkey tries to figure out its new identity.


Turkey frees generals, prosecutor in coup cases
An Istanbul court ruled for the release of retired generals Cetin Dogan, Engin Alan and Suha Tanyeri who are accused of a purported 2003 coup plan,

Could the Constitutional Court?s likely decision to annul be considered invalid? by Levent Köker

Turkey has been experiencing a noticeable and serious constitutional crisis over the past three years. The way to overcome the crisis is to — as is always emphasized — replace the 1982 Constitution with a completely new constitution.

ŞULE KULU – Top court surrounded by skepticism

As the day when the Constitutional Court will make a decision on the fate of a constitutional amendment package passed in Parliament last month draws near, analysts have been voicing their concerns that the top court will once again put its signature under a politically motivated decision.

Turk Who Leads a Movement Has Advocates and Critics

from NYT > Turkey by By BRIAN KNOWLTON
Admirers describe Fethullah Gulen, a soft-spoken Muslim preacher, author and teacher with a huge following, in reverential tones. But his detractors have a darker view.

Nine judges fined for not releasing suspect in Turkey’s Ergenekon case
Hurriyet Daily News
In his complaint, Haberal demanded 20000 liras from each judge, saying he was not ?asked any questions about the terror organization [Ergenekon] out of 180

Latest Turkish ‘plot’ trial opens

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Thirty-three serving and retired Turkish military officers go on trial on charges of plotting against the government.

Turkey Court Will Decide to Halt Constitution Changes, Star Says

from Yahoo news
June 14 (Bloomberg) — Turkeys Constitutional Court is set to halt changes to the constitution passed by parliament that are due to be voted on at a nationwide referendum, Star said citing a conversation between a judge of the court and former Justice Minister Seyfi Oktay.

Where are the CHP?s Kurdish rapporteurs?

Whether the wind that started blowing after Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu took over the leadership of the Republican People?s Party (CHP) will lead to a change in the CHP?s classic politics is a subject of curiosity.

Top Turkish court agrees to examine disputed constitutional changes

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkey’s top court on Tuesday accepted a petition by the main opposition party seeking the annulment of constitutional changes curbing the powers of the judicial elite.

Turkey’s Top Court Accepts Main Opposition’s Appeal For Cancellation Of Gvt-Backed Constitutional Amendment

from Yahoo news
ANKARA – Turkey’s Constitutional Court accepted to hear the appeal made by Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) for the cancellation of the government-backed constitutional amendment package.

Baykal-Oktay cooperation and a messed-up judiciary

Unfortunately the Turkish people, the media and intellectuals do not care about illegalities in the judiciary any longer.

Baykal attempted to block reform package, phone records show
Today’s Zaman
Former minister Oktay was detained two weeks ago as part of the investigation into Ergenekon, a clandestine gang charged with plotting to overthrow the

Wind shirt and cap by Naci Bostancı

It seems the wind kicked up by an excited circled at the Republican People?s Party (CHP) congress has somewhat settled down. Some people are now turning to Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and saying ?that?s it from us.

EMRE USLU – Analyzing the PKK?s intensified campaign of terror

Abdullah Öcalan has already announced that, effective May 2010, he is no longer involved in the Kurdistan Workers? Party?s (PKK) decision to maintain a relatively low-intensity conflict. The PKK has since June 1 stepped up its campaign of terror.

President Judge: not the TSK Is on Trial

from Bianet :: English
In the second hearing of the “Cage” trial, defendant Adm. Öğütçü claimed a clandestine third power to be behind the plot. Court president Yılmazabdurrahmanoğlu called the defendants and their lawyers to remain reasonable and emphasized that it is not the Turkish Army being tried.

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