Hackers warn Turkish censorship authorities

While businesses are now exposed to economic losses due to the new wave of web censorship, it looks like a small does of revanche was on stage last night. First we thought TİB mistakenly banned itself but later it was announced: It was probably a DoS attack… FF discussions and links to related news here and here.
A blog post here and a Hürriyet news where hackers’ announcement in Turkish here.
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Access Denied to Turkish Censorship Authorities? websites

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Since early morning of 18.06.2010 (01:00hrs approximately) the websites of the Ministry of Transportation (http://www.ubak.gov.tr/), Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) (http://www.tk.gov.tr/), and the Telecommunications Communication Presidency (TIB) (http://www.tib.gov.tr/) has been unaccessible. The three state bodies are responsible for Internet censorship and has been aggressively trying to make it impossible to access YouTube and Google related services from Turkey since 03 June 2010.

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Index on Censorship: Free speech: Turkey versus Google

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Free speech: Turkey versus Google | Index on Censorship

16 Jun 2010

Turkey?s Internet censorship hit the news this week when the country?s own president raised his objections to the policy on Twitter. Yaman Akdeniz explains the state?s recent struggles with Google and YouTube

Access to YouTube has been blocked from Turkey since a May 2008 order by an Ankara court. The order was issued because of 10 video clips involving defamatory statements and images about the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. These clips were deemed illegal under Law No. 5816 ? ?Crimes Against Atatürk?. Access to such content can be blocked under Law No 5651 ? ?Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publication? ? which came into force in November 2007.

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