Petition campaign for İrfan Aktan

Petition campaign for İrfan Aktan here.

AYŞE KARABAT – The journalist: İrfan Aktan

İrfan Aktan is ?the journalist,? for me and many other people who are trying to understand the recent developments in Turkey?s perception of the Kurdish question.

Journalist Yarkadaş Acquitted of “Insult of the President”

from Bianet :: English website executive Yarkadaş was on trial because he had posted a reader comment allegedly constituting an “insult of the President”. The court acquitted Yarkadaş, reasoning that he could not be held responsible for the content of the comment.

3 Years’ Sentence for Threat against Armenian Weekly

from Bianet :: English
Yasin Yıldız received a three-year prison sentence for threatening the Armenian Agos newspaper via e-mail after the killing of Agos chief editor Dink. He was handed down another three months in jail for insult. This is the fifth positive decision for Agos.

Chief Editor of Women Magazine Detained since March!

from Bianet :: English
Gurbet Çakar, editorial manager of the Kurdish-Turkish women magazine Rengê Hevîya Jinê, has been in detention for three months. A Diyarbakır court decided to extend her detention for at least 20 days. She had previously been sentenced to more than three years in jail.

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