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Get the ?Freedom to Internet Party? started!

One of the Istanbul- Taksim?s  most  popular night club which often hosts interesting events and concerts has organized a special night called ?Freedom to Internet? party a few nights ago. I couldn?t be there, but I find the idea really interesting because it?s a really ironic, meaningful and also enjoyable way of protesting the censorship of internet in Turkey.

Pakistani sets a precedent?

Access to many web sites like Richard Dawkins, Geocities and Last FM is still denied and MySpace, Daily Motion and Google groups have just become accessible again. YouTube has been banned for more than 750 days which means Turkey can?t access to videos on YouTube legally almost 2 years. In the mean time, Pakistan, who had banned  YouTube and Facebook because of Prophet Muhammad drawings, backed out of her decision in just a week!

Also, there is one more important threat to internet freedom. Because of the arbitrary applications and loopholes in the law more websites are in danger of being banned.

So, with taking these conditions in account, ?Freedom to Internet? party in which some famous DJ?s and journalists such as Sedat Ergin, Eyüp Can, Sevin Okyay ve Yıldırım Türker attend seems to be the best way to protest and remind government and people importance of internet freedom.

What does the government tell?

They say the minimum with the maximum amount of word in their last speech by the vice president Bülent Arınç. They tell that they will have some rearrangements and he states that they don?t want the ?dark powers? in the Internet. This doesn?t provide any clues about the directions of the rearrangements.

Despite the prohibitions internet is still fun?

Ask why? Because there were 2 funny cases that took place on the web this week. . Turkish singer Demet Akalın?s husband Önder Bekersin?s photo in which he hugs a friend of him intimately was taken secretly and leaked to web..

People teased Bekersin as the photo implies that he has bisexual tendencies.e He was furious and told that he would initiatea legal process to defend himself.

To read whole case click here!

?Recep Bey? is on Twitter too!

New  CHP president, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu called PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as Recep Bey (Mr. Recep) during his speech and this had become popular instantly and that triggered a buzz on the internet.

Recep Bey Jokes on Twitter:

  • ? The Lord of ?One Minute?s
  • A football player in Kasımpaşaspor
  • The last version of Pac-man who eats poor people
  • The letter friend of Obama
  • A DJ whose most popular song is ?One Minute?
  • The Imam of Hamelin ( which comes from The Pied Piper of Hamelin) ?
  • Recep Bey is the name of your barber in the street who never does the cut you wish.
  • Recep Bey is the person who is thinking about meaning of Recep Bey too now
  • Recep Bey is the wrong number that wakes you at 3am!

To read more click here!


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