Şerzan Kurt is dead. A victim of ultranationalist attacks in Muğla


Student shot in Muğla dies in hospital

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Şerzan Kurt, 21, the university student shot during the unrest in the western province of Muğla last week, died in a hospital in İzmir, the Fırat News Agency reported Wednesday.
?Today’s Zaman – 15 hours ago
Muğla University sophomore Şerzan Kurt (21) was shot last week by an unidentified assailant during an armed conflict that broke out between Kurdish and

Investigation into Attack of Kurdish Politician Yielded First Results

from Bianet :: English
Six people were taken into custody in the context of the attack on Kurish politician Ahmet Türk, former Co-chair of the banned Democratic Society Party. The six suspects allegedly instigated İsmail Çelik to attack the politician.

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