Elif’s roundup: Surrounded by Postmodern cultural launches!

A Turkish book is being launched through Twitter!

We got used to the fact that the publicity is usually more important than the content of many pieces of the pop-culture industry; but this week, I saw some further example to this gap between the publicity of the piece and piece itself.

One of the most popular Turkish authors Ahmet Ümit is launching a new book named İstanbul Hatırası (Istanbul Memory). The book will be offered for sale on the first day of June, but it will be on twitter before its sales begin.

Of course, people can not reach whole book on twitter, they will be able to reach one more page of the book everyday. In other words, the people want to follow the book on Twitter, will be able to read roughly 20 pages before it will be in sales. Interesting isn?t it? Click here to follow the book launch.

Album launching at private home!

One of the popular and out of bonds Turkish rock group Mor ve Ötesi launched a new album last week with a really different launching party in a house which seems peculiar to the guests included newspaper reporters.

The group also undersigned a really dynamic and positive album which is different from their usual pessimist, furious and politic songs and their extreme political standing. You can understand the huge distinction between their video clip of their newest song called ?Yorma Kendini (Take It Easy) and one of all other video like ?Bir Derdim Var’ (I?m in Trouble)

For more information about the new album of the group click here!

We are in the ?Era of Postmodern Exhibitions?

Undoubtedly, it?s relative to determine whether something is modernist or postmodernist because there is high possibility of it to be a combination of both or more. But it?s absolute fact that popular art is disguising really fast.

The last example to this alteration is the art gallery called ?Arter? which comes from the word ?starter? on Beyoğlu İstiklal Street.

In this gallery there are 160 current piece of art from the world and 60 piece of art of Turkish artists.

I want to classify this art gallery as ?postmodernist? because like the current itself, these kinds of gallery usually bringing people near the idea of art and removing them from the idea of the normative and traditional structure of art.


  • I learned that the famous Turkish singers like Sezen Aksu and Ajda Pekkan will have respectively 130 and 100 thousand Turkish Liras per a concert this summer while an employee (like a lecturer or a journalist) earns around 2 thousand per a month. Sometimes when I rethink about the news in the newspapers, I mystifyingly realize that, different life styles and economic levels are internalized by most of us in a surprising level of success. To read which Turkish singer earns how much you can click here


2 Good news!

It?s a pleasing development to learn that there is a new wine house called ?Sensus? opened near Galata Tower in Beyoğlu which only offers 350 different kinds of only Turkish Wines and different traditional Turkish cheeses. Despite believing in the importance of diversity of different cultures, I am happy to see people started to participate in the branding process of Turkish wines.

The movie called ?Soraya?yı Taşlamak / The Stoning of Soraya M? is finally on view despite the Persian Consulate?s pressure because of the reason the movie is about stoned women died in Persia in 1986 just because her husband tell a lie about her to be exempted from paying alimony after divorce.  Long live freedom of expression! For more information about the movie click here!

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