“EU harmonises Schengen visa rules; “UK on the election process and more…

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EU harmonises Schengen visa rules

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
A new visa code takes effect in most EU nations, speeding up visa procedures for travellers to Europe.

The challenge of New Chauvinism in Europe

from Social Europe Journal by Stefan Collignon

MAIN FOCUS: The election race is on in Britain | 07/04/2010

from euro|topics

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Tuesday called parliamentary elections for May 6, opening the race for the House of Commons. Commentators expect the country’s enormous budget deficit to dominate the discussion, writing that the credibility of the established parties is also at stake.

The Battle of Britain 2010 Edition and Living in the Shadow of Empire, Gerry Hassan

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Gerry Hassan

After a seemingly never-ending period the ?official? election campaign has finally begun. The 2010 British general election will be about many things: thirteen years of New Labour, Cameroon?s Conservatives, the state of the economy, public services and public spending, and the condition and character of our politics, political system and democracy.

Europe’s backlash against immigrants

from FT.com – World, Europe

Racism cannot be tolerated, but ordinary voters also have legitimate concerns that mainstream politicians would be irresponsible to ignore

Italy still unable to see beyond Berlusconi

from FT.com – World, Europe
The weak impact made by the opposition in last week’s elections means that a country in need of political reforms to revitalise an ailing economy remains locked in an impasse, writes Geoff Andrews

Vote for Liberty! Britain’s parties contrasted and compared (in so far as they can be), Anthony Barnett

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Anthony Barnett

Biteback publishing, which Iain Dale helped launch, have a neat series of six manifestos on Why Vote: Labour, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru, Green and Conservative. It’s the kind of public interest publishing that Penguins used to do when there were bookshops in every town. I hope it makes Biteback money – the series should be in every supermarket. With this in mind I looked at them to see how we could contrast and compare what is on offer.

France: Muslim woman on the burqa debate

from Global Voices Online by Suzanne Lehn

In an interview with Bondy blog [Fr], Malika, 28, a veiled French Muslim woman of Algerian descent, expresses her detailed views about the burqa and niqab, amidst the debate, reheated by the French government, for or against a bill that would ban the burqa.

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