From Tayyip Erdoğan’s photo album…

I haven’t realized before that PM Erdoğan has a personal website. Hürriyet has a selection of his photos gotten from that website. I have chosen two here. And in the mean time, a particular judge released many of Ergenekon gang suspects, the same judge who had released other suspects before and and more on the constitutional reform move…

Erdoğan'ın albümünden kendi seçtiği fotoğrafları
When he was a football player…

Erdoğan'ın albümünden kendi seçtiği fotoğrafları
Three amigoes:)

In Turkey, Proposed Changes Aim at Old Guard

The amendments to Turkey?s military coup-era 1982 constitution would, if passed, strike at the judiciary ? a center of power for the old elite.

MÜMTAZER TÜRKÖNE – Will the constitutional amendment package lead to a snap election?

The Justice and Development Party?s (AK Party) move to introduce a series of constitutional amendments is a very successful one because it places its political rivals into a difficult position.

Balyoz Operation-III: Suggestions for the Turkish Armed Forces

from U.S.A.K. Blog

Prof. Dr. Ihsan Bal, Director of USAK’s Center for Security Studies

In our third and the last column related to the Balyoz Operation Plan, which was allegedly prepared by the First Army Command in 2003, it would be useful to point out the strategy the Turkish Armed Forces has to develop in response to the public discourse. The Balyoz Plan, which has been harshly discussed in the media since it was made public, was accepted by Cetin Dogan, except for some additions. The General Staff made an indirect explanation that did not satisfy public opinion instead of strongly denying the claims. The explanations of the General Staff about this, or these claims about military coups, have not persuaded the public opinion. The most concrete indicator of this argument is that the trust index on Turkish Armed Forces, which was generally around 88-90 percent, has recently receded to 61-63 percent.

Turkish Officers Freed to Await Coup Plot Trial –

9 Sledgehammer suspects released, 1 new Ergenekon arrest

ORHAN KEMAL CENGİZ – Are we overlooking the rights of the accused in the Ergenekon case?

Is Ergenekon Dr. Jekyll of Mr. Hyde? My smart readers know that this is not a real question.

Ni dictature militaire ni régime civil autoritaire !

Courrier International (France), 11 mars 2010, page 32

Kadri Gürsel, Milliyet (Istanbul)

L?armée est incontestablement la grande perdante de la lutte de pouvoir qui l?oppose au gouvernement. Si une armée pourtant supposée peser sur l?ensemble du monde politique ne réussit pas à empêcher l?arrestation de ses généraux, on peut affirmer sans hésitation qu?elle n?exerce plus de tutelle sur la société et sur les affaires politiques en général. Désormais, cette culture interventionniste n?est plus de mise. Que la capacité des militaires à intervenir dans le champ politique se trouve en grande partie limitée contribue indéniablement au renforcement de la démocratie en Turquie. Il est en effet très important de préserver cette démocratie de toute intervention de l?armée. Pour autant, le maintien de ce système démocratique ne repose pas seulement sur l?équation consistant à exclure les militaires de la vie politique. Cette exclusion ne fait que permettre à la Turquie de sortir d?une situation anormale. En d?autres termes, elle traduit seulement le processus de normalisation en cours.

YAVUZ BAYDAR – Reflections on the referendum process

Torn apart, Turkey is proceeding toward a historic choice, once again. The question is all about whether the domain of freedom and rights will be expanded and a sense of satisfaction and trust spread further. But the divisions are sharp; articulations of disagreements signal both immaturity and damage.

ETYEN MAHÇUPYAN – Vicious circle

It is possible to understand why the military and members of the top judiciary oppose the government-initiated constitutional amendments because these amendments will remove the bureaucracy?s ?natural? privileges, which are used to maintain a tutelary system over politics.

FATMA DİŞLİ ZIBAK – A referendum?s risks and benefits

Considering the fact that the opposition parties in Parliament, the Republican People?s Party (CHP), the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) will not lend support to the Justice and Development Party?s (AK Party) constitutional reform package, a referendum seems to be on the horizon for Turkey.

The Rundown News Blog | Turkish Government Offers Contentious Constitutional Changes | Online NewsHour | PBS

Senior Judge Calls on Turks to Reject Reforms –

Erzincan prosecutor skips first hearing in case against him

Deniz Baykal stoned and egged in Van
Information-Analytic Agency
Despite the police measures, the protestors chanted ?Baykal-murderer?, ?Ergenekon-Baykal? and ?Baykal-Fascist.? As reported previously, CHP leader opposes

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