“2010 Annual Meeting Call for Papers Deadline Approaching (#AAA2010)

2010 Annual Meeting Call for Papers Deadline Approaching

from American Anthropological Association by Jason

The deadline to submit proposals for the 109th Annual Meeting in New Orleans is only 10 days away!

How can you participate?

Rethinking Autism, Rethinking Anthropology: Special Issue of Ethos

from American Anthropological Association by Oona & Sharon

In the latest issue of Ethos, guest edited by Olga Solomon and Nancy Bagatell, contributors consider autism from interdisciplinary, ethnographic  perspectives rather than the dominant biomedical discourses, and encourage the rethinking of social engagement for those affected by autism, as well as their families and therapists.

Anthropologists in the Amazon Secrets of the Tribe
As one of the anthropologists appearing (very briefly) in this film, I attended the premier and answered audience questions. As described by the Sundance

Information Traffickers of the Imperial State: American Anthropologists and Other Academics

from OPEN ANTHROPOLOGY by Maximilian Forte

From the Homeland Security Act of 2002:

?The Secretary, acting through the Under Secretary for Science and Technology, shall designate a university-based center or several university-based centers for homeland security. The purpose of the center or these centers shall be to establish a coordinated, university-based system to enhance the nation?s homeland security.?

The end of one-way communication – Anthropologists help news providers and advertisers

from antropologi.info – anthropology in the news blog by Lorenz

For the second time, Associated Press has engaged anthropologists in order to improve its services. The first research project, conducted by Context-Based Research Group, revealed that people – contrary to what AP believed – wanted more breadth and depth instead of short blasts of news. The new study shows that news consumers want a two-way conversation instead of one-way bombardment:

Behavioral Economics, Food and Culture

from FoodAnthropology by David Beriss

Notes on O?Brien and Shennan (2009) Issues in Anthropological Studies of Innovation

from media/anthropology by John Postill

O?Brien, M.J. and Shennan, S.J., (eds.) 2009. Issues in Anthropological Studies of Innovation. In Innovation in Cultural Systems: Contributions from Evolutionary Anthropology. MIT Press.

3 Innovation not an easy term to define, anthros have struggled with it for over a century

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