Behemoth concert tomorrow.

last updated: 21 March 2010

14 March 2010 Behemoth concert in Istanbul. Photo credits: Erkan Saka
Metal concerts season in Istanbul started last week with Destruction. I could not make it to that one but I will make it to tomorrow’s Behemoth concert. Behemoth is an explicitly Satanist Black Metal band from Poland. They are notarious in album imagery and I am just curious about their live performance… at 20:00 -Balans Club, Taksim….

BEHEMOTH?S Frontman Formally Charged for Bible Destruction

from Metal Injection

By: Navjot Kaur With close to two decades of music that feeds upon the ideals of all that is Pagan and ?Antichristian,? it seems that Poland-based blackened death metallers Behemoth have made an all-too overt statement contra their Roman Catholic critics. On Monday, March 8th, frontman Adam ?Nergal? Darski was formally charged for insults towards Catholicism,

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Finntroll Interview

The latest release from Finntroll is Nifelvind, their fifth full-length and first since signing to Century Media Records. The Finnish folksters will be supporting the CD with a U.S. tour in April, and are currently on the road in Europe. I’m not sure if the bus fumes got to him, if the questions were answered after a long night of partying, or if he’s just an aspiring comedian, but guitarist Skrymer’s responses are definitely interesting, very creative and sometimes downright bizarre.

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