“Teens Love Facebook, Hate Blogging, Are Always Online, and Don’t Use Twitter

Pew Survey: Teens Love Facebook, Hate Blogging, Are Always Online, and Don’t Use Twitter

Rent vs. Own: The Streaming Music Debate Continues

from MediaShift

The exponential growth of Internet bandwidth combined with the ability to significantly compress digital audio has impacted the music industry in numerous ways, for better and worse. Just as file trading created a massive network of pirated music, the ability to stream audio in real-time has allowed for a number of innovative content distribution and promotion methods.

Google News to Publishers: Let’s Make Love Not War

from MediaShift

E-Reader Owners Are Satisfied with their Device but Want More Features

from Daily Bits by Arnold Zafra

The NPD Group has released a new report entitled ?e-Reader Owners: Attitudes and Usage? and this could very well be used by Amazon in its drive to develop the Kindle into a more powerful and interesting ebook reading device.

The Internet Revolutionizes Politics

from Atlantic Community RSS-Feed
Interview with David Kirkpatrick: Facebook is already a powerful network to organize political protest and could contribute to the emergence of global political parties. Social Media might even create a global government. The technology is advanced, but the attitudes of the citizens need to catch up.

How Americans use social media

from CyberJournalist.net by Jon

Since 2006, blogging has dropped among teens and young adults while simultaneously rising among older adults, according to a new report on Social Media and Young Adults from the Pew Research Center?s Internet & American Life Project.

Hachette Joins Macmillan in E-Book War Against Amazon

from Mashable! by Samuel Axon

The Amazon vs. Macmillan War Isn?t Over Yet

from Mashable! by Ben Parr

Amazon and Macmillan Agree: You Should Pay More for eBooks

from Mashable! by Pete Cashmore

Facebook?s Major Redesign Emphasizes Search and So Much More

from Mashable! by Samuel Axon

Super Bowl Ads 2010 [VIDEOS]

from Mashable! by Pete Cashmore

5 reasons why the Internet shouldn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize

from Net Effect by Evgeny Morozov

Wired Italy’s efforts have paid off: the Internet has been shortlisted as a candidate for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize (along with dissidents and human rights activists from Russia and China). Here are five reasons why the Nobel committee should not give the award to this quirky candidate:

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