Solve the Dink assassination, solve the Ergenekon….

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It has been three years and not much progress in the Hrant Dink Assassination case. I believe if judiciary and authorities will push forward to solve the Dink case, Ergenekon trial will also progress. Evidence is just there and accomplices are alive  but unfortunately “authorities” are hesitant to solve the case… Today, we, as friends of Hrant Dink, attended the commemoration at the place where he was murdered. It was sharply cold and snowy and many people I know just did not attend because of that. Thanks God, I am in peace with my consciousness, I stood by Him today and I will continue follow his case…

Hrant Dink ölümünün 3.'ncü yılında anıldı

A new site to document the course of Dink Trial….

Hrant Dink ? three years after the murder

from Journalist in Turkey, by Fréderike Geerdink

I was in an eye hospital for on an assignment when I heard the news: Hrant Dink had been killed. There were TV screens in the hospital, and I couldn?t stop watching, wishing my Turkish was better, wishing I could understand what exactly was going on. But the biggest news, that Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink ölümünün 3.'ncü yılında anıldı

The legacy of Hrant Dink on the third anniversary of his death


Tomorrow, on Jan. 19, Turkey?s citizens who believe in peace, freedom, justice, and humanity will with deep sorrow mourn the passing of Hrant Dink, the distinguished Turkish-Armenian intellectual and journalist, on the third anniversary of his brutal killing.

Hrant Dink: an anniversary to remember | European Alternatives
By Valeria Venturini
The same punishment as provided by Article 301 of the Turkish Criminal Code (?insult to Turkishness?) has been also directed to other Turkish intellectuals, including author Orhan Pamuk (Nobel Prize for Literature 2006)

Political will can shed light on Dink murder case
Today’s Zaman
Lawyers representing the co-plaintiffs in the Dink trial have long alleged that the murder was the doing of Ergenekon, a clandestine group charged with

No advance in Dink assassination case even after three years
Hurriyet Daily News
‘The Dink murder wouldn’t be solved even if the Ergenekon case ends,’ according to Yalçın Çilingir, a close friend of the late Dink Although some hitmen who

‘Friends of Hrant’ and Nor Zartonk Commemorate Journalist Hrant Dink

from Bianet :: English
On the third anniversary of the assassination of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, ‘Friends of Hrant’ and the Nor Zartonk formation commemorate the Turkish-Armenian journalist. Both groups strongly criticize that the murder case has not been solved yet despite conclusive evidence.

Street named after Hrant Dink after the commemoration
Hurriyet Daily News
One plate was coming down, on which Ergenekon Street was written on it and replaced with another one: ?Hrant Dink? street. This was just after couple of

Turkey: Third anniversary of Hrant Dink assassination

from Global Voices Online by Onnik Krikorian

hrant dinkThree years ago today, Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was gunned down outside the office of the Argos newspaper he edited in Istanbul, Turkey. Often ignored, loathed or detested when he was alive by nationalists on both sides for his message of tolerance and reconciliation between Turks and Armenians, Dink was a moderate voice and a man of peace that Ianyan compares to Martin Luther King Jr.

For Hrant! For justice!

It has been three years since Hrant was shot. And three years ago, alongside the tremendous pain we felt at Hrant?s murder, we were also bestowed with a tremendous sense of hope.

To walk down a street named Hrant Dink


Three years, to be exact, have passed since we lost Hrant. The sorrow lingers. It is not easy to rid ourselves of the shame of having lost him to a gang of fascist murderers. There is no cure for this helplessness.

Solution of Dink Murder still in the Dark after Three Years

from Bianet :: English
The murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Dink can only be solved by merging cases and pooling all facts from before and after the murder, joint attorneys Çetin and Tuna declared. “This murder cannot be solved by the measures taken until the present”, the lawyers said.

Displaced Romani Found New Homes in Salihli

from Bianet :: English
Eight Romani families settled in Salihli after the racist attacks in the town of Selendi last week. Rents have been paid by the Governor’s office for the coming six months and children are to be integrated into local schools. The Governorship tries to find work for the families.

Apologizing to Armenians Not a Crime

from Bianet :: English

The Court of Appeals decided that the internet signature campaign “I apologize to the Armenians” does not constitute a crime. If the Sincan 1st High Criminal Court accepts the decision, no trial will be launched against the organizers of the campaign which has been supported by the signatures of 30,000 people already.

27 Journalists Each Sentenced to More than Six Years in Jail

from Bianet :: English
DİHA journalist Ersin Çelik was sentenced to six years and 3 months imprisonment under allegations of membership to the Patriotic Democratic Youth Council. He was sentenced together with another 27 defendants. The convicts will file an appeal against the decision.

Hrant report

Abdi İpekçi, Uğur Mumcu and Hrant Dink. All three were journalists and all three were good people that became victims of political assassination.

A letter for Hrant

Hrant Dink, who said the ?diaspora is a big Anatolian village,? is now buried in the hills of the great Anatolian village of our hearts. He is below and above the ground. He exists in the roofs that have been blown away and in streets that have fallen silent.

Turkey?s dark spots: shadowy murders

Yesterday was the third anniversary of the murder of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, who was killed in front of his Armenian newspaper Agos by an ultranationalist youth. Although it has been three years since the incident, the masterminds of the murder have yet to be found.
Never forget Hrant!
Some of the suspected plotters have been arrested and are now being tried in connection with the Ergenekon case. There is strong evidence that the police

More support needed for Dink murder case


Increasing calls for justice abounded on the third anniversary of the assassination of Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink, which was marked on Tuesday. Dink was fatally shot outside his office by an ultranationalist teenager in 2007.

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