Oh boy, “Greece condemned for falsifying data

Greece condemned for falsifying data

from FT.com – World, Europe
The European Commission has condemned Greece for falsifying data about its public finances and allowing political pressures to obstruct the collection of accurate statistics.

MAIN FOCUS: A hard test for EU commissioners | 12/01/2010

from euro|topics

Since Monday the European Parliament has been investigating the aptitude of the 26 candidates for the new EU Commission. The two-week hearings are an important instrument for controlling the European government, writes the press.

Hearing Ashton – some euroweb reactions

by Julien Frisch

Catherine Ashton, our very-likely-to-be foreign minister, had her hearing in front of the European Parliament today.

Some reactions from the Euroblogosphere and on Twitter:

2.5 million tonnes of EU waste

from Open Europe blog by Open Europe blog team

Few things represent the absurd and outdated nature of the EU’s budget as well as the weird butter and grain mountains. These mountains consist of surplus produce that Europe’s farmers have been unable to sell on the market and that is instead bought up by the EU Commission under the Common Agricultural Policy. It is then stored in massive stockpiles providing the ultimate image of EU waste.

Examples of a European blogosphere: The EP web editors cry for help

by Julien Frisch

No, I am not going to warm up the whole discussion on the European blogosphere we’ve had recently. Neither will I be talking about Euroblogging or how news spread from new to old media and back.

All I want to point to is that Tibo from the European Parliament web editors has blogged this afternoon that their recent post on the renewal of the EP website has become the most visited post ever on their blog.

EU enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) and ACTA

by Grahnlaw

The enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) is high on the agenda of the European Union, both in the internal market and in the EU?s external trade.

ACTA: Whose Digital Agenda for Europe and the world?

by Grahnlaw

The mysterious ways of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) negotiators raise questions about whose Digital Agenda is being pursued. The lack of transparency results in growing mistrust. Here is a sample of recent texts about the problems for citizens and consumers in the digital era.

MAIN FOCUS: Zapatero’s pious economic hopes | 11/01/2010

from euro|topics

Spain wants to achieve stronger coordination of the member states’ economic policies during its EU Council presidency. In his current capacity as EU Council President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero is demanding binding economic targets and has even proposed financial sanctions against EU states. European commentators are less than enthusiastic about the idea.

Spain, Europe and the world: Zapatero?s moment,

by openDemocracy
Guy Hedgecoe
Spain?s tenure of the European Union?s presidency is a rare opportunity for its prime minister to make his mark on the international stage, says Guy Hedgecoe.

The six-month rotating presidency of the European Union passed on 1 January 2010 from Sweden to Spain. At the formal ceremony of transition in Brussels on 8 January, the Spanish prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero outlined a bold agenda: he pledged that his country?s tenure would be one of ?action and initiative? in which economic recovery and the boosting of the EU?s place in the world would be his foremost priorities.

EU IPR enforcement discussion

by Grahnlaw

The Grahnlaw blog post EU enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR) and ACTA (10 January 2010) mentioned some of the materials for understanding the current moves to enhance IPR enforcement:

Will She?.Won?t She? The Greek Government?s ?Latin Tango? With The IMF

from A Fistful Of Euros » A Fistful Of Euros by Edward Hugh

Well the wires are really alive this morning. Greece is receiving a visit from the IMF today. The meeting was scheduled well in advance, but that doesn?t mean the agenda was.

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