No Memati for a kid’s name…


A father wanted to rename his two sons after the famous characters in the TV serials Valley of the Wolves: Polat and Memati. A local court rejected one of the names: Memati. Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals confirmed the local court decision: Memati is an Arabic word that means “death” or “fatal” and thus not suitable for a kid’s name… Well, nobody knows what Memati means really. I did not know myself. So I am not sure if this is really a good decision. I would feel better for a name like “Ayetullah”. That was a friend’s name back in college. His father was an Islamist and he named him like that. That was a loaded name to carry along… …

In the mean time, Turkish police forbidden a MultiPlayerOnline Game to be played in Internet Cafes (I wonder if they really have the authority to do that): Metin 2. A popular game with too much violent stuff. The police thinks it is not good for the kids.

In Turkish Press, most mentioned columnist of the week:

Köşe Yazarı
Haber/Yazı Adedi
Ertuğrul Özkök
Cengiz Çandar
Nuray Mert
Rıdvan Dilmen
Ahmet Hakan Coşkun
*MTM Medya Takip Merkezi’nin, 4-10 Ocak 2010  tarihlerinde, basında yaptığı haber takibi sonuçlarından derlenmiştir.


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Introducing Turkish Cybersphere (3)- Turkish online news sites and more

A list of Turkish online news sites. Not necessarily the completed list. All new additions are welcome. Aktif Haber Açık İstihbarat BIANET Boyut Haber Cafe Siyaset Dünya Bülteni En Son Haber EtikHaber Gazeteport Gazeteciler Gerçek Gündem: Haber7 Haberkenti Haberler.Com HABERTÜRK Haber Vitrini Haber X Haksöz Haber İnternethaber MEDYATAVA … Read more

HTS people are advised to read The Deceivers

I Hope That The Human Terrain Teams Read The Deceivers by John Masters: An Anthropological Novel

from by Tony

One of my favorite all-time historical novels is The Deceivers by John Masters. Published in 1952, the protagonist William Savage is an administrator in a remote district for the British East Indian Company. The book is set in 1825. Savage speaks four Indian languages, and has spent 19 years in the colonial service. As a colonial administrator, he is ?the law? in his district. But to do this, he lives in an Indian village, embedded in Indian cultures and languages. No garrisoned ?Forward Operating Base? with a VCR, pool table, video games, or other comforts of home for him!

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