Who will stop the Edirne lynchers?


In the last two weeks, there have been at least three incidents of communal lynching attempts in Turkey. Lynchers are frustrated and but coward people. They act only after they feel they will not be punished. Security forces in these incidents prove the theory that they are late to react… Today same group of lynchers were at work in Edirne. And police arrived after the protesters had already survived….

Racist Attacks against Romani in Manisa

from Bianet :: English

Tensions in the Manisa district of Selendi turned into a severe attack against Romani people on 6 January. Houses, towns and cars were destroyed in the racist attack. The displaced Romani were relocated in prefabricated houses in the nearby town of Salihli.

From Atatürkism to exclusionary racism

As you all know, a series of terrible events recently took place in Selendi, Manisa province. An argument over smoking in public spiraled out of control, and in the end some residents marched into a Roma neighborhood shouting slogans such as ?Selendi is ours and will stay ours!?

Turkish super citizens

When reacting to the terrible events surrounding Turkish Roma citizens (Turkish Gypsies, to be clear) in Manisa, State Minister Faruk Çelik stated very firmly that Romas are first-class Turkish citizens.

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