Mala min mala te ye*

* My house is your house

Former DTP Chair Ahmet Türk is having troubles to find a place to rent.  After banished from politics by the Constitutional Court,  Mr. Türk decided to leave the place he was living because of neighbours and move to a new apartment.  Apparently, his contract for the new apartment was cancelled before he could even more there because of a military official living in the same building.  In the mean time, a group of intellectuals started a campaign in favor of Mr. Türk. “My house is your house… “

Kurdish lawmaker Ahmet Turk speaks to the media outside the ...

Kurdish lawmaker Ahmet Turk speaks to the media outside the headquarters of pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party in Ankara, Turkey, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2009. A Turkish court has issued an order for two former and three current Kurdish legislators, including Turk, to be forcibly brought to testify in separate trials on charges of making separatist Kurdish propaganda.(AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)

“Freedom for Kurdish Politicians” Online Signature Campaign

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An internet signature campaign has been launched for the release of detained BDP members and human rights defenders. The Human Rights Association Diyarbakır called the international community to act on behalf of association chairman Erbey.

DTP Closure Made Official, Political Ban Effected

The decision of the closure of Democratic Society Party taken by the Constitutional Court in December has been published in the Official Gazette and thus been legally enforced. Hereupon, the political ban for 37 DTP members comes into effect and the MP status of the co-chairs officially ends.

Bringing the PKK down from the mountains or pushing the KCK up? by HÜSEYİN YAYMAN

Recent raids against the Kurdish Democratic Confederation (KCK) have made many eyes turn back onto the organization and the future of the initiative process.

Kurdish Politicians Kept in Detention

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23 people of a total of 35 taken into custody on 24 December are kept in detention, among them 7 mayors, İHD Deputy Chairman Muharem Erbey and Democratic Society Congress spokesman Hatip Dicle.

Reasoning behind decision rendered

The Constitutional Court finished its written explanation of the reasoning behind its decision to shut down the Democratic Society Party (DTP) on Wednesday evening and thus sent it to the Official Gazette to be published.

Former Kurdish lawmaker of the pro-Kurdish ...

Former Kurdish lawmaker of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party Ahmet Turk after giving his testimony at a local court in Ankara, Turkey, Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009. A Turkish court has issued an order for two former, including Turk, and three current Kurdish legislators to be forcibly brought to testify in separate trials on charges of making separatist Kurdish propoganda. (AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)

Ankara court summons Kurdish leaders –

Purposeful handcuffs on the initiative


The fact that Öcalan and the Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) continue to behave so strangely and in such an untrustworthy manner despite ex-Democratic Society Party (DTP) officials? insistence that they be included as full parties in any consultations about initiatives that affect the Kurdish issue must set people to thinking.

Resistance of TEKEL Workers Supported by Union Confederations

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In order to support the resistance of TEKEL workers, unions affiliated with Türk-İş, DİSK and KESK interrupted work for 1 hour on Friday, 25 December. The 3 union confederations pronounced to repeat their action every Friday as a warning to the government.

Human Rights Foundation – Struggle against Torture Enters 20th Year

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The Human Rights Foundation of Turkey was established on 30 December 1990. In the last 19 years, the organization provided help and support services to more than 12,000 torture victims. Several times, the foundation was awarded for its work, including dozens of acknowledged books and reports.

Stone-throwing children: Turkish kids would be traumatized by our story

Assistant Professor Nazan Üstündağ from Bosporus (Boğaziçi) University thinks the biggest question for those Kurdish children known as the ?stone-throwing children? is why the Turkish public hates them without knowing them since these children define their goal as establishing peace.

Director Çetin Urges Politicians to “Stop the War”

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Turkish director Sinan Çetin addressed the Prime Minister and other politicians at the openening of an exhibition: “People with Turkish Ids are dying. You have the power, solve it, sir…”

“Political Approach towards Abused Women Needs Review”

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The government launches a shelter program for women exposed to violence in cooperation with Turkish women and children institutes and financially support by the EU. Karakuş from the Socialist Feminist Collective admonished that efforts have to be further extended beyond single projects.

Ballot for TEKEL Workers – End of Resistance?

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12,000 TEKEL workers are going to vote for the continuation or the end of their resistance taken up 23 days ago in Ankara. Amaç from the Tek Gıda-İş union claims, “Erdoğan said ‘They are on the streets because of provocations’. We want to highlight the workers’ right to self-determination”.

“Why Did the Police not Step in against Lynch Attacks?”

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The Contemporary Lawyers Association filed complaints about Prime Minister Erdoğan, Interior Minister Atalay, two governors and provincial chiefs of police. The Association criticizes a lack of police action against recent lynch attempts in three Turkish cities.

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