Deserved buzz for Flashforward

Just finished watching the first 10 episodes of Flashforward. A Serial that got quite a buzz around me. Most of the people got an interest in it because of its relatedness (thru producers and casting) to the TV Series Lost. Well, Lost remains to be one of my all time TV series favorite. Flashforward remains under the shadow of Lost. But that doesn’t mean it is not worth watching. Just don’t expect too much if you loved Lost. Overall mystery in Lost was unravelled very slowly and not until the very end. Here in Flashword, action orientation is more relevant and mystery unravels fast. Playing with time continues, which is fantastic. When I was looking for more information, I realized that “it is loosely based on the 1999 novel Flashforward by Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer.” I had red his Hominids before and now I believe I should read soon!

Flashforward in Wikipedia. A fansite.

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