Domestic intelligence wars continue; was there an assasination attempt or not?

Suspected Turkish Coup Plotter Kills Self – Report –

Yet another ?unconvincing? statement


Following its days-long silence regarding an assassination plot to kill Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç allegedly devised by military officers, the General Staff broke its silence on Wednesday and responded to criticism.

Institutional warfare

Turkey exits 2009 in a mood of profound internal suspicion, with mistrust between the various key decision-making circles, anxiety and fear. Lately, every event that has unfolded has raised new, powerful questions about the future of politics and whether or not Turkey will ever be democratically manageable.

The plot against Arınç and the General Staff?s responsibility


An assassination plot against deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç that was exposed over the weekend has shocked Ankara. Gendarmerie and police teams launched an operation to capture the suspects after they received information that two military officers — Maj. İbrahim G. and Col. Erkan Yılmaz B. — were planning to assassinate the deputy prime minister.

Turkish deputy PM airs doubts over assassination plot
Some reports have linked the detained officers to a shadowy ultra-nationalist group called Ergenekon, whose alleged members are on trial for attempting to

Turkish Military Breaks Silence Over New Plot Story
New York Times
Some reports linked them to suspects named in an investigation into an alleged ultra-nationalist network, known as Ergenekon. Police say they uncovered the

Mobility within the ranks of the military


It appears that in each of the suicides by military officers, the person who committed suicide was somehow connected to political and illegal incidents that the military was mixed up in, or at least connected to organizations and tension within the military.

Solving the mystery of the assassination attempt on Bülent Arınç


Two members of the Special Forces Command were detained on Saturday night on suspicion of planning to kill Arınç. Gendarmerie and police teams launched an operation to capture the suspects after they received information that two military officers — Maj. İbrahim G. and Col. Erkan Yılmaz B. — were planning to assassinate the deputy prime minister.

Plots, assassinations and the madness of bureaucratic red herrings


Madness is prevailing in the deep state in Turkey. While the public expects common sense and constructive action from civilian and military bureaucrats and opposition parties, the discourse and action of these groups contradict civic and legal norms, traditions and the Constitution.

Ergenekon lieutenant colonel’s suicide raises suspicions
Today’s Zaman
That discovery came as part of the investigation into Ergenekon, a clandestine organization whose suspected members are currently standing trial on charges

Secrets of the suicides

Ergenekon suspect naval forces Lt. Col. Ali Tartar took his own life under suspicious circumstances, much like many of his colleagues.

Generals must speak every day

It is ironic, but to have a fully functioning democracy free of the military?s constant meddling in daily politics, our generals must speak publicly every day.

Ergenekon: 1 Case of Death, 1 Assassination Suspect

from Bianet :: English
Navy Commander Tatar committed suicide. After his previous release the prosecutor effected his arrest again. In the hospital where Ergenekon defendant retired Brigadier General Ersöz undergoes medical treatment, a retired specialist sergeant carrying 2 guns was arrested.

Yet another communication accident

I reiterate that Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ?s press conferences always end up with errors in communication. Whoever manages public relations for Mr. Başbuğ is making grave errors. The press conference held last week was total disaster. It seems the General Staff?s communication experts have not learnt any lessons from the previous mishaps.

You call this psychological warfare?

Ünal Kalafat is one of 33 army privates who were killed there on that day [in Bingöl in 1993]. His family was notified of his death three days later. There was nothing his family could do.

Başbuğ: a politician-like army chief

A statement made on Thursday by Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ accusing intellectuals and writers of falsely associating the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) with illegal schemes that allegedly cost the lives of many privates serving in the army has drawn strong criticism from intellectuals.

Intellectuals continue to criticize army chief over harsh comments
Today’s Zaman
in the military and the TSK’s wrongdoings resulting from the involvement of some of its members in Ergenekon — a clandestine crime network with alleged

Suspected Turkish coup plotter kills self – report
Reuters South Africa
Some 200 people, including military officers, politicians, journalists and academics, are on trial in connection with the so-called Ergenekon plot

Getting rid of the AKP, no matter the cost to democracy

Article 90 of the Turkish Constitution makes it clear beyond reasonable doubt that if there is a contradiction between laws and international treaties with regard to human rights and freedoms in the case of legal disputes, the superiority of the latter is unquestionable.

The Fundamental Design Flaw of The Turkish Republic

from The White Path

[Originally published in Hurriyet Daily News] On May 1, 1920, Mustafa Kemal, who would soon be the founder of the Turkish Republic, delivered an important speech at the Parliament in Ankara. “The people who have formed this supreme assembly are not just Turks,” he said. “They are also Circassians, Kurds or Laz. They are all different components of Islam. They all respect each other, and each other’s ethnic, social and geographic rights.” That was the time of Turkey’s War of Liberation (1919-1922). As the leader of this national struggle to save the homeland from European invaders, Mustafa Kemal used rhetoric that would appeal to all “components of Islam” in Asia Minor. (The non-Muslim component, the Armenians, was tragically expelled in 1915.)

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