Herman Van Rompuy, the new EU president; Baroness Ashton, the new EU Foreign Affairs Minister

Not particularly good for Turkey’s EU fantasies. Mr. Van Rompuy is known to be against Turkey’s membership.. I still work on a roundup from the Turkish press. let’s what Turks think… However, nearly all presidential candidates were against Turkey, so this is not the most surprising situation.

Having two low profile political figures for the EU’s top positions maybe a strategy to downgrade the importance of these positions. Nation states are still very important in EU-wide policy making and this leaves EU still relying on nation state fantasies…

And because these are low profile political personalities, the fate of Turkey’s membership maynot too affected, which is already negatively affected… And of course, I continue to lose my respect towards EU decision making processes.  You keep continue to negotiate Turkey for membership and you have a president who is against that membership. Turks seems to care less and less ….

Brussels Blog (Financial Times): Van Rompuy-Brit combination would signal EU disunity on Turkey

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The sun is shining in Brussels and the sky has an unseasonably blue, cloudless, late-November-in-Rome quality as European Union leaders make their way here for the summit of summits – the event where they will choose the EU?s first full-tim…


Turkey is Key to Europe’s Energy Diversification

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Sonja Davidovic: Turkey can play a key role in overcoming existing hurdles to the realization of the Nabucco pipeline project, which will augment Europe’s energy security. In return the EU should assist Turkey on its path to EU membership.

The EU?s new ?president? and ?foreign minister?

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So, it?s looking like it?s lightweight, little-known Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy for the President of the European Council, and lightweight, little-known Baroness Ashton (current UK European Commissioner, Peter Mandelson?s almost invisible replacement) for the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Supremacy of the nation state wins out

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Choice of two relative unknowns for the roles of EU president and foreign policy supremo dismayed those who wanted to give Europe more clout on the world stage

Guardian.uk: EU Leaders in last-minute attempt to decide top European Council roles

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For the complete report from the guardian.co.uk click on this linkThe leaders of Europe’s main political tribes conferred in Brussels this afternoon in an attempt to hammer out a last-minute consensus on who should be the top two people running the EU’s new Lisbon regime, ahead of a crucial Brussels summit. While Christian democratic government leaders, including the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and France’s president, Nicolas Sarkozy, gathered in Brussels, Gordon Brown found himself isolated at a session of the seven centre-left leaders ahead of this evening’s summit.

Cathy Ashton: 10 things to know

from Brussels Blog by FT

From the FT?s Westminster blog Cathy Ashton is Europe?s new foreign policy supremo. Even friends are stunned that someone so low key could have been elevated to such a high profile job. To date she has served as EU trade commissioner, leader of the Lords, and as a junior justice and education minister. Here are 10

The Belgian who will lead the EU

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Herman Van Rompuy will need the skills he has shown as prime minister of Belgium.Belgian Premier Van Rompuy Named First EU President – WSJ.com


MAIN FOCUS: New leadership duo in Europe | 20/11/2009

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The EU heads of government reached an agreement at their special summit in Brussels yesterday. The Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy will be the first permanent EU Council President, and the British Trade Commissioner Catherine Ashton the new “EU Foreign Minister”. However both politicians are widely regarded as compromise candidates.

US welcomes Europe’s two new faces

Remarkable rise

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Profile of EU foreign affairs chief, Briton Baroness Ashton


What Do You Think of the EU’s New Leaders?

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Editorial Team: After weeks of debate, the current Belgian prime minister and the EU trade commissioner were chosen for the top positions created under the Lisbon Treaty. Therefore, we would like to invite our members to discuss these appointments.

New appointments mark an improbable rise

Socialists united in choice of Ashton

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Brown wanted all EU leaders to ?identify? with the choice of foreign policy chief.


EU has one number for foreign policy

“Dull and Grey”, the new EU President and Foreign Minister don’t inspire European journalists

EU foreign head dismisses critics

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
The new EU foreign affairs chief dismisses criticism of her appointment, saying she is the “the best person for the job”.

An unanimous decision according to Swedish prime minister

E.U. picks little-known politician as bloc’s first full-time president

from Wash Post Europe by Edward Cody

BRUSSELS — Champions of European unity hoped their new president would be a continental George Washington, a brand name who could pull the European Union closer together and fulfill their dream of a strengthened role for Europe in world affairs.

EU: Van Rompuy and Ashton ticket confirmed

by Grahnlaw

The Swedish presidency of the Council of the European Union confirmed the proposals circulated since early evening.

The prime minister of Belgium, Herman Van Rompuy, will become the first president of the European Council, for two and a half years.

van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton for the top EU jobs

by Julien Frisch

I have already said everything on this massive disgrace in my post some 30 minutes ago, but now it is official: With Barroso, van Rompuy and Ashton the EU gets the worst Troika any could have imagined.

EU Lisbon jobs open thread

from A Fistful Of Euros » A Fistful Of Euros by P O Neill

It?s now clear that the Thierry Henry assist on the William Gallas goal last night is going to generate more commentary and interest than tonight?s filling of the new EU jobs (Council President, High Rep. for Foreign Policy, and Secretary General of the Council), but nonetheless, we could be stuck with these people for a while so no harm in keeping track.  What we know: Tony Blair is out of the running for Council President, but Catherine Ashton who arrived as Trade Commissioner in Mandy?s stead apparently on the inside track for the foreign policy job.

The new EU: First analyses

by Julien Frisch

Yesterday evening I have commented on the van Rompuy/Ashton decision, and the main point to highlight is that I was right with my prediction on Wednesday about how the result would look in terms of the profile of the persons.

Now the time for complaints is over for a moment, it is time go into the analysis.


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The EU president’s powers compared with Obama’s

Van Rompuy-Brit combination would signal EU disunity on Turkey

from Brussels Blog by Tony Barber

The sun is shining in Brussels and the sky has an unseasonably blue, cloudless, late-November-in-Rome quality as European Union leaders make their way here for the summit of summits – the event where they will choose the EU?s first full-time president and new foreign policy chief.  I wonder if the weather will be so fine when the leaders finally

What does the ?EU president? do?

by Grahnlaw

There has been a torrent of comment and masses of disappointment following the nomination of Herman Van Rompuy to become the first president of the European Council, the meetings of the heads of state or government.

ast night?s appointments make sense

from Blogactiv by admin

The hypocritical reaction of all those that are instinctively critical of anything that has to do with the EU baffles me beyond belief. Nigel Farage and those that share his views on European integration have, in the last 12 hours, been attacking with venom the appointment of Mr van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton as Presiden

Van Rompuy takes EU presidency

from FT.com – World, Europe
Herman Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton were welcomed by world leaders as Europe’s first full-time president and foreign policy chief, even as a chorus of critics questioned their relatively low profiles


A massive disgrace: van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton for European Council President and High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy?

by Julien Frisch

The day is (almost) ruined, the nightmare seems to have become reality.

On Twitter and in several news sources we can hear that the faceless Belgian prime minister Herman van Rompuy has been officially proposed to the heads of state and government to become the first permanent European Council president.

Little-known British peer emerges as top candidate for EU foreign minister

from EUobserver.com – Headline News

EU chooses unknowns for new top jobs

Expensive President of the European Council?

by Grahnlaw

Dignitaries are expensive, as we all know. Open Europe quotes the Belgian daily De Netto with regard to the president of the European Council.

Van Rompuy and Ashton: big enough for the big EU jobs?

from Brussels Blog by Tony Barber

So it looks as if it is to be Herman Van Rompuy, Belgium?s prime minister, as the full-time president, and Catherine Ashton, Britain?s EU trade commissioner, as the foreign policy supremo.  This is the culmination of eight years of efforts, starting with the EU?s Laeken Declaration of 2001, to reform the bloc?s institutions and give the

Ouverture for the EU top job summit

by Julien Frisch

Just watched the prime ministers and presidents arrive for the EU top job summit in Brussels. Most of them passed the pack of journalists without giving interviews. Those who did did not say much.

Former Commissioner Grybauskaite who is now Lithuanian president said that she is not a candidate. Balkenende from the Netherlands told that the (formal?) nomination would only be on the 1st of December. And the Irish prime minister Cowen told that their candidate John Brutton was still available if there was a consensus around the table.

Historical dinner live: on the menu, one president

from cafebabel.com by Arnaud Houdmont

Tony Blair? (or David Miliband?) Herman van Rompuy? Peter Balkenende…? The culmination of a long, outdrawn and rather undemocratic process that is shaping the future of Europe is nigh; 19 November, to be precise, and the cafebabel.com Brussels team are invited – check their blog out this evening

‘An anti-Tony Blair, please’: European press reacts prior to EU president election

from cafebabel.com by euro topics

EU heads of state and government meet today in Brussels to appoint the president of the European council and the EU’s high representative for foreign and security policy. Despite months of negotiation, agreement has not been reached on who should hold the posts. The Italian, Spanish, British and French press react

Turkey?s Budding Relations with Syria and Iraq

by Changing Turkey

By Stacy Maruskin (International Strategic Research Organization (ISRO/USAK), Turkey)

Some of us live by the same neighbors for ages and never seize the opportunity to introduce ourselves, become friends, or even acquaintances with them. We live our lives according to our best interests, and those do not always include inviting others over for casual conversation; this has been the case for Turkey. For years it has abided by its peace at home, peace abroad mantra, and although the Kemalist ideology should be applauded for all its accomplishments, perhaps the application of that policy has not always been in Turkey?s best interests. It was only recently that the full potential of Turkey?s strategic policy objectives could be realized due to a disdain for all things Arab and an absent desire for Turkey to expand its relations outside of the Western realm.

Syria & Israel: Two Rivals In Search of a Mediator

from Istanbul Calling by Yigal Schleifer

Lots of chatter these days revolving around the issue of reviving negotiations between Syria and Israel. In recent weeks, Syrian President Bashar Assad has repeated his desire to return to the negotiating table with Israel and even asking for European and American help to make this happen (although insisting that the negotiations be indirect and use Turkish mediation.) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, has stated that he’s ready to start talking with the Syrians (although insisting that the negotiations be direct and ruling out Turkey as a mediator, since he no longer considers it “fair.”)

Culture influences EU perceptions toward Turks – Hurriyet Daily News and Economic Review

Turkey: Still a Bridge Between West and East?

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Editorial Team: Turkey tops the agenda at atlantic-community.org for the next week as fears of a shift away from the West become more widespread. We invite our members to reflect on and debate Ankara’s ?alleged? shift and consider the importance of Turkey as a regional player to the US and Europe.

Europe: Prevent Turkey Turning East

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Ghassan Dahhan: Europe should be alerted by Turkey’s foreign policy shift and start treating Turkey as a respected ally, by offering Turkey real EU membership prospects. Turkey is of major strategic importance to Europe and it is up to the politicians of EU member states to alter public opinion.

Ankara: Looking West, Moving East?

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Gamze Avci: Turkey’s fatigue with the EU has accommodated the diversification of its foreign policy. The perceived uncertainty about the accession process has slowed down reforms and has reduced Europe’s leverage over Ankara. But, at present the mainstay of Turkish foreign policy remains EU membership.

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  1. This is a good round-up of news from everywhere, Erkan. Forgive my ignorance. Is the Europe President really important for each individual country? Or is it an honorary position? We seldom hear of that group in Canada except when it bannishes sealskin products, and thus, creates problems for our Inuits.

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