I watched Michael Jackson’s This is it yesterday.   When I was 13, a friend of mine lent me his then new album, Bad. I remember liking it but I had never become a fan. A year later or so I was listening to Def Leppard’s Hysteria, which was the very first heavy metal album I listened to. I had immediately became a metalhead and I rarely tried other genres of music for a very long time. (I remember later in college attending a folk music concern because of the girl I felt in love who singing in the chorus- well, love is another matter) . Still the movie/documentary is moving. I worship the efforts made for artful performances. If MJ did not die, he would certainly come back with glory… Rest in peace, Michael. [In the mean time, this reminded me Madonna’s I’m Going to Tell You a Secret which was a good performance, too]


This Is It: $100 Million at the Box Office and Rave 140 Character Reviews


from Mashable! by Christina Warren

king-of-popWe had a feeling that the Michael Jackson documentary ?This Is It? would do pretty well at the box office, thanks to strong online ticket sales in advance of the film?s release. When the final box office numbers were tallied up, ?This Is It? grossed $101 millon in worldwide ticket sales its first five days in release.

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