A first in Erkan's lecturing life

Photo by Şeyda Yiğit. From a lecture in 2008

In two hours, I will be lecturing on “Representation” to a group of Media and Communication Systems MA degree students. This is the first time I will be lecturing at MA level. For seven years, I taught at undergraduate levels and now here comes a first in my life and I am actually a little bit stressed:)

2 thoughts on “A first in Erkan's lecturing life

  1. Congratulations, Erkan. I have no doubt that the lecturing will go very well. After all, you survived the Army…All the best from Canada.

  2. Thank you Claudia. It actually went well. Special thanks goes to Halil Nalçaoğlu who acted as a facilitator in the first part. God, I am relieved:)
    Much love from Istanbul.

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