trilemma: rotten, soldier, objector


A documentary from Turkey examining how gays and the Turkish military view each other in a complex and changing society in which military service is considered a rite of passage for every man. The Turkish army regards gays as sick or diseased and issue medical exemption reports to gays known as ?rotten? reports. Gays have to decide whether to try to get such a report, do their military service, or become conscientious objectors.


Turkey Ranks 101 out of 109 Countries on Women?s Empowerment

by Jenny White

Turkey dropped three places in this year?s Human Development Index, ranking 79 out of 182 countries, despite an increase in Turkey?s life expectancy rates, literacy and gross national product. In the role of women in society, Turkey ranked 101 out of 109. Click here for full article.

Of What Is Turkish Culture Made?

by Jenny White

During his speech at the AKP party convention on October 3, PM Tayyip Erdogan listed a number of people whose contributions he said are central to Turkish culture. Here?s the list: 6 Sufis, 1 Alevi, 1 nationalist, 1 Armenian, 2 Kurds, 2 leftists, and 1 woman. (For details and an expanded explanation of the names, click here.)

Turkish Youths Have Multiple Identities

by Jenny White

A recent study by psychology professor Selçuk Sirin of the political identities of Turkish youth found that

young people in Turkey are not buying into this split idea of left vs. right or Islamists vs. Secularists. Young people in Turkey have multiple identities. They combine patterns of political identity like religious identification, the degree to which one feels part of the Turkish nation and the feeling of belonging to what we call the ?secular movement? or ?Atatürkism??

The Children of Diyarbakir / Min dit

by M.A.M

MIN DIT has been awarded with the “Gaztea Youth Award” of the San Sebastian Filmfestival

Kurdish Cinema

by M.A.M

Kurdish Cinema part 1…………….

?A Journey of Turkey: from East to West? by Emre Rende

by Changing Turkey

Photos by Emre Rende


Images of Istanbul

by Orhan Pamuk in Financial Times

Men inside a café in Tophane, Istanbul
Inside a café, Tophane, 1959

I had not yet been born when Ara Güler took his first photographs, in 1947. I first noticed his name when his photographs appeared in the news weekly Hayat during the 1960s. Whenever the newspapers of the 1970s needed a photograph that realistically reflected the spirit of the city at work, they knew that Güler would provide them with the best images.

Turkey Loses Halit Refig at 75

by Jenny White


Photo from Hurriyet I was saddened to learn today of the death of an old friend, the prominent Turkish film director Halit Refig, who since the 1960s was in the forefront of developing Turkish cinema. I first met him at the University of Texas at Austin many years ago when I was a graduate student assigned to show him around campus that he was visiting as a guest of the university.
Turkey's national soccer team coach Fatih Terim (C) reacts ...

Turkey’s national soccer team coach Fatih Terim (C) reacts after his team’s World Cup 2010 qualifying soccer match against Belgium at King Baudouin stadium in Brussels October 10, 2009. Terim received a one-match ban after being sent off in Turkey’s last match against Bosnia.

REUTERS/Yves Herman

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