Mr. Klaus; the last naughty boy of the EU

Czech President Vaclav Klaus (left) and Russian President Dmitry ...

Czech President Vaclav Klaus (left) and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev hold a press conference in Barvikha, outside Moscow. Klaus said he would not drop objections to the European Union’s Lisbon reform treaty, despite mounting pressure from EU leaders to sign. (AFP/Natalia Kolesnikova)

Financial crisis testing EU’s foundations, says Stiglitz

Ireland?s slow motion fiscal crisis

by P O Neill

There?s a ?normal? path for a fiscal crisis.  Some vulnerabilities build up.  An external shock tips things over the edge.  The country struggles along for a while but eventually refinancing or rollover risk forces the issue: new debt can?t be sold and the Impossible Missions Force is the only available lender.  An ugly but usually effective correction takes place and eventually access to capital markets resumes.  Of course there are exceptions but that?s the broad outline and some 2009 crisis countries may already over the worst.  Then there?s Ireland.

MAIN FOCUS: Prague ready to negotiate over the Treaty of Lisbon | 13/10/2009

The Czech government is ready to accept President Václav Klaus‘ demand that exceptions to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union be negotiated with the EU. In return Klaus is to sign the ratification document for the Treaty of Lisbon as soon as possible. With his exemption clause Klaus is demanding guarantees for the Bene? Decrees, on the basis of which the Sudeten Germans were collectively disappropriated after World War II.

EU Lisbon Treaty: Czech internal clarification

by Grahnlaw

Following his meeting with Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer, EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso spoke of the need to ?find a solution for the issues not yet clarified internally? in the Czech Republic.

It is no exaggeration to call it a constitutional crisis: President Vaclav Klaus has caught the Czech government and parliament by surprise by issuing new demands for signing the ratification instrument for the Lisbon Treaty, he squarely opposes the authority of the government and parliament, and his collusion with internal opponents and foreign politicians undermines faith in the democratic institutions of the Czech Republic.

Posturing Klaus

Most Czechs are happy with EU membership and can see its benefit. Perhaps that is why President Vaclav Klaus has started refining his role of provocateur into saboteur

Czech refusal and new complaint over EU Lisbon Treaty

by Grahnlaw

I will not sign Lisbon Treaty, says Czech president Vaclav Klaus, according to Times Online.


Extended legal challenge

Jiri Oberfalzer and 16 other Czech senators, defeated in the democratic arena and already partially in the Czech Constitutional Court, intend to extend their request. The precise comments will be revealed only after the new challenge has been deposited, reports Czech Happenings.

Vaclav Klaus reversing Orwell

by Grahnlaw

Since the EUSSR is a favourite dystopian expression for the European Union among supporters of Czech president Vaclav Klaus, let us take a look through the prism of George Orwell?s ?Animal Farm?.

We already know that during the negotiations leading to the Lisbon Treaty, the United Kingdom and Poland negotiated exemptions from the Charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.

Europe against the death penalty

by Grahnlaw

The Council of Europe and the European Union work to eradicate the death penalty, elsewhere as already in Europe.

As a reminder this Saturday, 10 October 2009, the World Day Against the Death Penalty, the joint statement by these European organisations:

Roundup on Czech constitutional crisis over EU Lisbon Treaty

by Grahnlaw

Here are some news and comments about the Czech constitutional crisis, caused by President Vaclav Klaus? refusal to sign the ratification instrument of the EU?s Treaty of Lisbon.

First a general reference to the copious information about the Lisbon Treaty, including the ratification process, among the 1,300 plus posts on this blog. Look for the latest in the side bar, or use the search function for older entries.

What is to be done about Vaclav Klaus?

by Grahnlaw

The speeches, actions and possible further obstruction by Czech President Vaclav Klaus with regard to the amending Treaty of Lisbon of the European Union give rise to two important questions.

The questions are linked, but one concerns the Czech Republic, the other one the EU and its member states.

The Geert Wilders Road Show is going back to London

by Bobby Pierce

Dutch MP Geert Wilders won an appeal lifting his travel ban to the United Kingdom. He was barred from entering the country after British officials deemed him a risk to the public order. Wilders, who wants to ban the Koran, called the reversal a victory for free speech.

Kallas: Commission must reform ‘absurd’ recruitment policy

The next European Commission should reform the EU’s “absurd” recruitment system to bring it in line with today’s flexible labour market and ensure that appointments are made on the basis of fairness, Siim Kallas, a vice-president of the EU executive, told EurActiv in an interview.

Bosnia Is Becoming a Failed State

Five numbers that suggest Bosnia is becoming a failed state.

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