Human chain for Ceylan, this evening in Taksim

I have an evening lecture, I will probably not be there but let me announce the event for Ceylan. Another shame for the Turkish authorities. In the mean time, not much progress in the Hrant Dink assassination trial, censorship issues and a note on infamous Diyarbakır Prison. Erkan’s Field Diary offers a roundup on the darker side.

An asymmetrical war against the military

We have heard this so many times in the past, but we heard it once more this past Friday at the weekly press conference held at the military?s General Staff headquarters: ?There is an asymmetrical war being waged against the military.?

Death of a girl exposes Turkey?s failures – The National Newspaper

Thomas Seibert, Foreign Correspondent

ISTANBUL // All seemed normal when Ceylan Onkol, a 12-year-old schoolgirl from Turkey?s Kurdish region, led her family?s sheep out of her village one morning last month to let them graze. But then villagers heard an explosion. They rushed to the meadow where Ceylan had been sitting and saw that a grenade had torn the girl?s body apart.”


Two websites unblocked, over 1,300 others remain inaccessible – IFEX

by Turkish Digest

“Two websites unblocked, over 1,300 others remain inaccessible

(RSF/IFEX) – Reporters Without Borders welcomes the unblocking of the social-networking website MySpace and the video-sharing website on 6 October 2009 after their representatives resolved disputes with the Turkish Record Industry Association. Two other websites that refuse to comply with the association’s demands, and YouTube, continue to be blocked.”

Europeans Criticize Turkey Over Threats to Media Freedoms

The new warnings were issued Wednesday as part of an annual progress report on Turkish efforts to join the European Union.


Europeans Criticize Turkey Over Threats to Media Freedoms –

Bağış complains about blurry line between gangs, opposition
Today’s Zaman
Dozens of suspected Ergenekon members, including journalists, businessmen and members of the military, are currently in jail. Baykal accused the governing

‘Suicidal’ special operations unit head had 7 fractured ribs

Today’s Zaman
He replaced ibrahim Şahin, who is currently under arrest for membership in the Ergenekon terrorist organization, a clandestine network charged with
Special forces police officer murdered, family allegesHurriyet Daily News

Recusation of Joint Attorneys in JİTEM Case

The court expelled joint attorneys Tanrıkulu and Özdemir from the court room during a hearing of the JİTEM case including defendant Colonel Temizöz amongst others. The court accepted the request for recusation of allegedly prejudiced lawyers.

Hrant Dink

Basic questions still unanswered during Dink trial’s 11th hearing
Reporteros sin Fronteras
One is the investigation into the ultranationalist conspiracy known as Ergenekon, and the other is the investigation into the 2007 murder of three

Will State Intelligence Bring Light into Dink Murder Case?

Concerning the Hrant Dink murder trial the Istanbul 14th High Criminal Court prepares to hear a secret witness. Additionally, 7 witnesses are expected to testify upon writs issued to them by the court.

Summary of the 11th Hearing

The secret witness announced for the 11th hearing did not appear at the hearing. The Dink family handed a petition to the court, criticizing the prosecutor’s handling of the trial. The murder weapon was brought to the court and suspected triggerman Samast claimed he did not remember the gun. The trial is followed by international observers.

Process still under way by MÜMTAZ?ER TÜRKÖNE

Interior Minister Beşir Atalay, the coordinator of the ?democratic initiative,? went to Diyarbakır. He said he will ?lend an ear to the man in the street.?

Campaign for Diyarbakır Prison

I could not gather the links for the campaign right now but there is an ongoing effort to make the old Diyarbakır Prison a museum. This prison remains to be the most infamous prison for political prisoners in Turkey’s history. Unspeakable torture scenes happened there after the 12 September 1980 coup…

Diyarbakır Cezaevi
Torture techniques in Diyarbakır Cezaevi- a circulating drawing…

update 17 October: Just found the campaign link:
imza kampanyasi

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