I want an e-reader!

iRex Digital Reader 1000S
iRex Digital Reader 1000S

iRex has released a new e-reader. Last December I was too close to buy Amazon’s Kindle but because of Christmas time it was all sold out and I got back from US without much dreamed Kindle. Since then I haven’t been thinking about e-readers but a reader friendly e-reader will make my days, I know.

E-Readers: An eco-friendly way to secure the future of newspapers?

by Jennifer Lush

E-readers have had somewhat hesitant popularity to date. There is a clear interest in the developing technology, but steep price tags ($399 for a Sony Reader, $489 for a Kindle DX) have meant that they haven’t exactly taken off.

Notable readings on web-related issues:

The Great Debate on Micropayments and Paid Content, Part 1

4 Ways Social Media is Changing Business

by Soren Gordhamer

Scoop! Online media claims first fiction victim

by Philip Young

Crime correspondent Laurie Lane, the central character in Duncan Campbell’s amusing If It Bleeds (2009), is the first fictional journalist I have come across to face career oblivion for not adapting to the demands of the online world. I suspect we will see many, many more in the next few years.

Our Microblogging Lives: Work, Home, Lunch, Sleep?

by Stan Schroeder

Are our everyday lives really so mundane? Does it all boil down to working, getting home, satisfying the most basic needs such as eating and sleeping, and then repeating the cycle the next day? Well, if we look at what we post on microblogging networks, it looks that way.

Is Facebook a Gated Community?: An Interview With S. Craig Watkins (Part One)

by Henry Jenkins

Earlier this year, I was asked to write a blurb for `S. Craig Watkins’s book, The Young & The Digital: What the Migration To Social-Network Sites, Games, and Anytime, Anywhere Media Means For Our Future. The book was an eye-opener as Watkins brings a sociological perspective to the kinds of social lives young people are building for themselves through their deployment of a range of new technologies and emerging cultural practices. Here’s what I ended up writing about the book:

Is Facebook a Gated Community?: An Interview With S. Craig Watkins (Part Two)

by Henry Jenkins

Today, I am sharing the second part of my interview with sociologist S. Craig Watkins about his recently released book The Young & The Digital.

How Web 2.0 is Changing Politics

Bohnen & Kallmorgen: The political decision-making process, and thus our very democracy, will change rapidly in the next few years. New technologies will make participation among citizens and other actors much more common and important.

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