"Real-spam" campaign against MÜ-YAP

A Friendfeed group organizes to send empty CDs to MÜYAP [Turkish Phonographic Industry Society] who sued MySpace and LastFm and who is behind the current ban.
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Source: friendfeed.com
Yarın sabahtan itibaren boş CD kapaklarının içine yerleştirip MÜ-YAP’ın posta adresine yağdıracağımız CD kapağı görselleri hazır! MÜ-YAP’ı “real spam”e boğalım! Mü-Yap Bağlantılı Hak Sahibi Fonogram Yapımcıları Meslek Birliği Kuloğlu Mah. …

RSF: Turkish Prosecutors violate online free expression to protect copyright

Reporters Sans Frontières: Prosecutors violate online free expression to protect copyright

Published on 23 September 2009

The social networking website MySpace has been blocked in Turkey since 19 September over a copyright dispute. Anyone trying to visit the site sees a message saying access has been blocked by order 2009/45, issued on 26 June by the prosecutor of the Istanbul district of Beyoglu. Two other sites, Lastfm.com.tr and Akilli.tv, have been blocked by the same order.

Source: www.petitiononline.com
Unblock The Banned Websites In Turkey Petition, hosted at PetitionOnline.com

MySpace and Last FM Censored

With a decision from June this year the Beyoğlu Public Prosecutor’s Office now blocked access to MySpace and Last FM, two of the world’s biggest sites for socializing and music-sharing. Both artists and internet users voiced their disapproval of the decision.

At least 6000 websites censored from Turkey

Since the Law No. 5651 entitled Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by means of Such Publication came into force in November 2007, access to a considerable number of foreign websites including popular websites such as YouTube, Geocities, DailyMotion, WordPress, Google Groups, and Google Sites have been blocked from Turkey under the provisions of this law by court orders and administrative blocking orders issued by the Telecommunications Communication Presidency (TIB). [Blog entry by Dr. Yaman Akdeniz]

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