"Banners are from the Dinosaur Age"

Kristian Hammerstad’s gallery of haunted and monster art has me shivering with delight. Kristian Hammerstad (via Street Anatomy) in Monstrous art This reminds me website banners (!)

Assoc. Prof. Yaman Akdeniz (Law School, Istanbul Bilgi University) is interviewed at BiaNet. He talks about the ban; which articles might be used to ban in Turkish legal system and he declares his hopelessness. I realized there that a Turkish Video Sharing site Akilli.Tv is also banned.

Access to Myspace and Last.fm blocked from Turkey

As of Friday, 18 September, 2009 access to popular social networks Myspace and Last.fm are blocked from Turkey. The blocking order is issued by the Beyoğlu Chief Public Prosecutor?s Office (order not 2009/45 dated 26.06.2009). It is suspected that both sites are blocked because of ?intellectual property infringements? following a request by Mu-yap, the Turkish Phonographic Industry Society. [Blog entry by Dr. Yaman Akdeniz – I will update this story as more information is made available]

turkeybans: MUYAP banned more than 1700 websites in Turkey for copyright reasons.

turkeybans: http://engelliweb.com/ here’s a list of blocked websites in turkey. 4195 and still counting.

turkeybans: newspapers talks about this meaningless ban. all they think about is turkey’s global image but freedom of speech.

Subversive sites?

by Fréderike Geerdink

Network site myspace.com has been closed down in Turkey. It?s not totally clear yet why, but it?s said it has to do with copyright laws being infringed. On myspace, a lot of music is shared among members, and it?s of course feasible that in the process copyrights are not always respected.

Gateway to government but not to democracy

Aslı TUNÇLast week Gordon Brown?s battered and bruised government made a bold move and appointed Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, to help the British government to make its data more easily available online.

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