Three Facebook Groups to Protest MySpace/LastFm ban- and more

Last Update: 21 September 2009: 21:50

A twitter account gives updates on the ban and reactions: Turkey Bans.

Unblock The Banned Websites In Turkey Petition, hosted at

Özgür Uçkan writes extensively on web censorship in Turkey (all pieces in Turkish though)

Myspace, Lastfm, sansür, kültür ve “bir avuç insan”…

by Özgür Uçkan

“Türkiye’de internet sansürünün kısa tarihi… ve mümkün geleceği!
“Fransa, telifli içerik indirene ceza getiren HADOPI2 Yasası?nı kabul etti. Türkiye bu akımdan etkilenir mi?”

More ban’s in Turkey

by Internation Musing
Bt Arda Kutsal:

Access to MySpace and is banned by Turkish court. We are currently not fully informed about the reason of the ban, but it may be due to music copyright violations. And again, this ban may be a consequence of a case filed by Turkish Union of Music Producers (MÜYAP) in order to protect music rights.
Turkish internet users can still reach both sites via
OpenDNS. Also, you can reach by changing language settings to English, since the ban on is over the address and only users with Turkish language selection are redirected.

As usual there hasn’t been a powerful reaction to the most recent web censorship case. However, I see a rising anger in Facebook status messages and emerging groups. The Groups all in Turkish and they are not tailored to activate masses yet. As of early September 21, here are the groups and their current number of members:

Myspace'e Erişimin Engellenmesini Protesto Ediyoruz !

Myspace’e Erişimin Engellenmesini Protesto Ediyoruz! [We protest the ban to access to MySpace] 1111 members


İLETİŞİM ÖZGÜRLÜĞÜNÜZ İÇİN BİRLEŞİN [Unite for the Freedom of Communication] 120 members

Myspace ve Lastfm'i geri ver !! Sansüre Hayır !!

Myspace ve Lastfm’i geri ver!! Sansüre Hayır!! [Give MySpace and Lastfm back! No to Censorship] 177 members

I guess I should start working on the group I had founded a while ago:

Net freedom in Turkey!

Net freedom in Turkey!

Apart from Facebook,

seems to be better equipped for mobilizing against web censorship.

As far as I hear, the most recent ban was initiated due to music copyright issues.

LastFm in English works but in Turkish does not… So the Turkish version seems to be banned…

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