The second and the last stage begins…

Dear Friends,

28 days of beginner’s training ended yesterday and we were relocated to stations where we will stay for the rest of our military service. Hopefully until September 17…Not all together of course. Every station got 2-3 friends.  

Our last days were really enjoyable. After washing the lunch dishes…

This is my first and last photo with a real gun. I have to assure you that I am not as happy as I look here. And I don’t think this is the right way to handle a gun:)

I arrived the station last night. The commander on duty and fellow privates welcomed me and three other friends really friendly and sincerely. Still, here comes another start. Another state to get familiar with. We will meet with the highest official in charge on Monday and from then on my real time begins… Today until 5 pm I am free but then not until 15 days later…

The commander on duty immediately appointed me as a clerk (yazıcı), that does not exclude me from other military duties but I will have fewer watch duties and in fact I will be the one who will prepare the watch lists. The dark side is that clerks are continously under the watch of officials… Well, let’s see what happens. After two weeks of relative comfort and familiarization, I am back to alienation mood and this blog, gmail and facebook accounts become the only signs that I indeed had a life before and hopefully I will have that my life back one day…

0 thoughts on “The second and the last stage begins…

  1. greetşngs from milano on our way to paris and amsterdam.)
    how crual to write this down, but you have only 130 left…see y soon our friend!
    ozşem hans

  2. So good to hear from you and to see photos. Canadian chocolates on their way (05-14-09) Hope it will arrive safely.
    All the best!

  3. erkan cavus,
    don’t get too used to all this! I can bear with your short hair, but not the rest upon your return!!
    Saka bi yana, ozledik beee. Kendine cok iyi bak. Tanri (sayet varsa) seni Full metal jacket vb. halusinasyonlarindan korusun!!
    peacefully yours,

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