last days as a civilian..

I am doing my best to finish up my to do list before my civilian life ends on Sunday.  One of the final tasks is to finish up writing an essay on Internet and Youth in Turkey. I am doing my best…

Prison Break 

As a reward to a day of hard work, I doze off watching Prison Break episodes.


I do not look for experiments and full me up with energizing albums from:

HorrorPops, Anthrax, Peter Pan Speedrock, Manowar

Motorizer by Motorhead

Motorhead still rocks! 


I will miss our Library Men! Serdar Katipoğlu (R), possibly the coolest head librarian! Sami Çukadar (L), head of the Dolapdere branch of Bilgi University Library.

 I will miss lots of things. Hopefully, I will have my life back in six months…

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