"Imponderabilia – new international anthropology student journal

Imponderabilia – new international anthropology student journal

By Lorenz


Wow! A new anthropology journal! Made by students worldwide. Imponderabilia is it called, and it is “the product of our love of, and frustration with, anthropology":

The journal tries to overcome, erode, undermine and blur the boundaries between institutions and disciplines, between theory and practice and between undergraduates and postgraduates. We envision a space where students can share their research and exchange their views, criticisms and reflections on anthropology through articles, interviews, photography and other creative methods………………….

Washington Post: Nationalizing the Human Terrain System

By Maximilian Forte on Steve Fondacaro

Extracted from,

DeYoung, Karen. (2009). U.S. moves to replace contractors in Iraq: Blackwater losing security role; other jobs being converted to public sector. The Washington Post, March 17, A07,

the following paragraphs on the so-called nationalization of the Human Terrain System:

“Human terrain” experts — civilian social scientists and linguists hired to help the military better understand Iraq and Iraqis — have been told that they must accept newly created government jobs, at potentially lower salaries, or leave. The highly touted human terrain program, which fields 20 teams of five to nine specialists in Iraq and six in Afghanistan, was begun by Odierno’s predecessor, Gen. David H. Petraeus.

Anthropologists Against Human Terrain & Other Military Anthropology Abuses: On Facebook

By Maximilian Forte

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