"Ten Web Browsers that You May Have Never Heard of

Ten Web Browsers that You May Have Never Heard of

By Arnold Zafra on Internet

The browser wars is starting to heat up again due to some exciting developments in the industry. Last year, Google joined the browser wars with its Google Chrome. Firefox continues to grow and improve. And lately, Apple’s Safari browser for the Mac just released a new version. But wait, these are not just the web browsers available for us to use. There are tons of web browsers actually, each with their own set of features. Here are ten of these other browsers which you may have not heard of before.

What is it? A simple chat about the basics of pods, blogs and vlogs.

By Jamillah Knowles

Going back to our roots, the podcast this week asks the basic questions, what exactly are podcasts, blogs and vlogs? We talk about them every week on the show, but since we started, some of the rules changed, some of the technology grew and frankly everyone became so creative and entertaining that we thought it was high time to reassess the basics.
If we mentioned a place that you would like to visit online, then you can find all the links right here:

Intellectual property, Sweden and the battle of The Pirate Bay

By Waldemar Ingdahl

On 16 February, the most publicised trial of the content industry kicked off against the defendants responsible for the Bit Torrent tracker site. Four are charged with being accessories to breaking copyright law. They may face fines or up to two years in prison if found guilty

The society of the query and the Googlization of our lives

By Geert Lovink

As Google’s hegemony over online content increases, argues Geert Lovink, we should stop searching and start questioning.

Internet filtering: 2008 in review

By syoung

The OpenNet Initiative is proud to present its Year in Review: a summary of events worldwide concerning the practices and polices of Internet filtering and surveillance:


Public Diplomacy in the Digital Age, Part 1

In strategic communications

"What is public diplomacy?" was the first question that Ted Koppel posed at the recent Media as a Global Diplomat conference attended largely by public diplomacy professionals. I was surprised that the panelists, including the outgoing Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs, couldn’t readily agree on an answer to this foundational question.

Public Diplomacy in the Digital Age, Part 2

In strategic communications

We’re a nation at war. At war not with another nation, but with a hateful ideology violently expressed: terrorism. Every militaristic move a terrorist makes is designed to intimidate, frustrate, agitate….in short, communicate. Physical destruction and loss of life, crass as it sounds, are means to those ends. In this sense, the war of ideas is no longer a metaphor or a figure of speech — it’s a literal war in which we now find ourselves. And in a war of ideas, public diplomacy will be an important tool in our national security toolkit.

5 Great Services for Self-Publishing Your Book

In publishing

In past posts, we’ve looked at some of the questions a new writer should keep in mind when considering whether to self-publish her opus. But let’s say that an author has made up her mind that pushing ahead without a traditional publisher is the way to go. With the rise of new print-on-demand (POD) technology, literally dozens of self-publishing companies, or subsidy publishers, have come into being. How should she choose which one is right for her?

Twitter vs. Facebook, Round One Fight!

By Arnold Zafra on Twitter

Don’t look now folks, but it seems there is a new war brewing up in the social sphere (or has it already begun or might have been in existence before?). If you’ve been regularly checking Techmeme (like me), you’ll notice that both Twitter and Facebook have been receiving quite a number of coverage from various tech sites. It’s either a new Twitter app being developed that’s turning the microblogging service into a social networking site, or Facebook introducing a new feature in response to Twitter’s own features. One thing is clear – a war has begun between these two popular social web tools.

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