Kolbasti is a type of local dance that has its origins in Northern Anatolia towns. Fishermen in Trabzon seems to be the most obvious source but there are rivals who claim to be the inventors of the dance. Whatever the source, kolbasti becomes a popular dance hard to dance for many including me. Before the start of a Trabzonspor game, you can see a group dancing Kolbasti.

Even the players after the game dance:


Last Sunday was an hectic one. I have watched a movie Tokyo! shown in !f Istanbul 2009 festival (the film was fantastic) thanks to Ceren (Mert). I can never make it to festivals. Someone should force me to do that.

But why do I mention Kolbasti in the beginning? Because there was a game between our Beşiktaş and Trabzonspor. It was a draw in the end: 1-1. We have lost 2 more precious points. I haven’t been to the stadium since the end of last November. Unfortunately, my return did not come with a victory. Because I anticipated this failure, I got so drunk before the game that the game itself could not get on my nerves. (though I still left the stadium with anger in the 70th minute just before we scored a goal) I was happy with that drunken mood to be in a stadium full of Beşiktaş fans. Unlike the previous games when I am awake and tense, I encouraged my fellow mates that we would win, though as I said my encouraging tone could not last until the end. before the game, I was happy, I wasn’t happy like that for a long time. beşiktaş before the game is a fantastic place. full of BJK fans getting ready for the game, singing all the way to the stadium.

Anyway, this is Monday. a spring like day appears again. It is a sunny but cold day.

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