One of AKP's best practices: "Turkey rehabilitates poet Hikmet

Nazım Hikmet Ran

Turkey rehabilitates poet Hikmet

Turkey is to restore the citizenship of one of its most illustrious writers, the late Nazim Hikmet.

Turkish minister says Cabinet will restore citizenship of communist poet Nazim Hikmet —

Poet Hikmet to be citizen again

ANKARA – Citizenship for Turkey’s most renowned poet, Nazım Hikmet, will be returned 57 years after it was rescinded and 45 years after he died.

Turkish gas official resigns after his gaffes over students’ deaths

The director-general of the gas distribution company in the Turkish capital Ankara resigned after he came under fire over his remarks at Friday’s press conference on the deaths of seven university students from gas leak.

Wear Red Underwear on New Year’s Eve

By Jenny White on Turkish culture

redpoantieshurriyet.jpg Photo from Hurriyet

Red underwear worn on New Year’s eve is said to bring luck. I have never heard of this custom, so I’m clearly out of touch. Anyway, sales of red underwear in Turkey are up.

Istanbul home to the largest number of NGOs

ISTANBUL – According to research on nongovernmental organizations in Turkey, there are a total of 80,212 associations, most of which are in Istanbul, and 14,744 of those are related to organizing courses on the Koran or the building of mosques

Long-existing ‘intolerance’ vs. newly emerged ‘neighborhood pressure’ by EMRE USLU & ÖNDER AYTAÇ

In Op-Ed

Professor Binnaz Toprak from Boğaziçi University has conducted a field study on secular minorities in Anatolian cities and has found that the subject groups have at least the perception of conservative "neighborhood pressure" in their daily lives. It seems that most of the findings are accurate. What is not right about this study is that most of the findings, which are presented as if they were new developments, are not new, either.

Sources of intolerance and discrimination in Turkey

In Columnists

A heated topic of public debate in Turkey last week concerned a piece of research from a distinguished political scientist, Professor Binnaz Toprak, currently head of the political science department of Bahçeşehir University, an institution which I am also affiliated with.

The negative effects of a globalized culture of consumption on Turkish society

In Columnists

All around the world — and in Turkey — we are experiencing globalization. An important anchor of this globalization process is the culture of consumption. What this globalized culture of consumption really means is this: "the embracing of an American lifestyle by the entire world through the vehicle of international companies." America’s economic power, having been transformed into political and cultural strength, has an influence over the entire world. And what we are seeing is societies becoming dependent on "brands." 

Fish Begin To Stink At The Head

By Jenny White on Sahin Alpay

Click here for Sahin Alpay’s insightful column on the sources of intolerance and discrimination in Turkish society in the actions and words of politicians and the state, and the elite. Alpay points to a solution through the educational system.

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