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Special days like New Year’s Eve make me so tense. Social pressure. Such alienation, such loneliness. It all comes back to Durkheim’s arguments in Suicide. I hope it passes very quickly. As a man of ordinary life and finding bliss in it, it is very hard to go through these days. Yesterday we had a Faculty happy new year cocktail. I found refuge in my office and out of frustration, I did this silly thing of collecting interesting happy new year images in the web while checking my emails and finding tens of  new year greetings. Yes, I have my own resolutions and plans and hopeful indeed but of course happiness and peace of mind are not something planned to happen… In this sunny Istanbul afternoon, I meet with Çetin and other friends to make the final decision on Milli İstirahat’s template. We re-launch our old fanzine as a a web-zine any time now. This might make me happy.

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Istanbul is ready for the new year night (Erkan is not though)

Special new year lightning-work at Beyoğlu, Taksim. Technicalities given here in Turkish. Sofyali 9: Keeping it Real in Asmalimescit from Istanbul Eats by admin It?s hard not to feel pangs of nostalgia when walking through Beyoglu?s booming Asmalimescit neighborhood these days (and nights). The old corner butcher shop with its window display of lamb carcasses? … Read more

7 Myths And Facts About Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism refers to people who often do not have any real training in journalism reporting news or commenting on current events.  With the advent of the internet, average people gained a powerful voice that was once only available to professional journalists.  People misunderstand much about the concept and practice of citizen journalism.  The following 7 myths and facts about citizen journalism will help to reveal the truth of this form of journalism.

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R.I.P: James ?The Rev? Sullivan

Meshuggah’s Alive (DVD+CD), out on February 5, 2010 (Europe) and February 9, 2010 (America)

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Beşiktaş has a new goal keeper

Turkey's Sports Minister Faruk Nafiz Ozak (R) and President ...

Turkey’s Sports Minister Faruk Nafiz Ozak (R) and President of Turkey’s Football Federation Mahmut Ozgener pose with the bid logo for the Euro 2016 candidacy, following a news conference in Istanbul December 23, 2009. Turkey would bring a passion and spirit to Euro 2016 missing from the 2008 tournament, Ozak told a campaign launch on Wednesday. Turkey, bidding to host its first major international soccer tournament, faces competition from France and Italy after Sweden and Norway appear likely to drop their joint application.REUTERS/Murad Sezer

Our first and second goal keepers are injured at the same time.So we borrowed one… and more from Beşiktaş and Turkish super league..


Beşiktaş has reached an agreement to rent Ramazan Ozcan until the end of the season. Ozcan currently plays for Hoffenheim. VIA

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Ertuğrul Özkök resigns.

update: 05 Jan 2010 (Aydın Doğan is gone, too) Probably one of the most reviled Turkish journalist, Ertuğrul Özkök resigned from his position as the Chief Editor of Hürriyet. His Wikipedia portrayal is ironic: Ertuğrul Özkök is a Turkish journalist and a daily columnist, currently the editorial writer for Hürriyet, a daily newspaper published in … Read more

Adopting scanners; a pretext for more surveillance

Dutch press EU to adopt scanners; Dutch authorities want the EU to make passenger scanners mandatory, saying they might have foiled an airline bomber.

They could foil the attack if intelligence network really worked. It seems that even the father of this moron attacker indeed informed the security services. One cannot help thinking that there is a bit of conspiracy here. There is already a huge flow of intelligence that cannot be processed- that was what also happened in September 11- and but more and more surveillance over citizens wanted by the authorities… 

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Global Voices at 5. Congratulations!

Five Years of Global Voices: Where they are now

from Global Voices Online by David Sasaki

The following was originally published at and is part of a series of posts commemorating Global Voices’ fifth anniversary and supporting of Global Voices’ 2009-10 online fundraising campaign. If you would like to support our work, please visit our Donate page. Thank you!

gv_bdayFive years ago I boarded a flight from San Diego to Boston to attend the 2004 Internet & Society conference at the Berkman Center. This was just a month after George Bush won the 2004 election and so there was an element of group therapy to many of the panel discussions. 2004 was the year when, according to Wired Magazine, the Internet invented Howard Dean. Dean’s campaign was supposed to be the harbinger of a new era of net politics where the progressive grassroots took advantage of online tools like blogs and (this was before YouTube even existed) to bring about more enlightened, representative governance. Instead, according to the ever-snarky Register, ?organized religion, not net religion, won it for Bush.?

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Recep İvedik 3 on February 2010

Turkish blockbuster returns with a new sequel: Recep İvedik 3.  It will also become a blockbuster. That’s for sure. However, the preview is not promising as it did in the second one. I kind of liked and promoted the second one here. But in the new sequel, at least in the previews, more banality based … Read more

“EU-Turkey: a successful 2009?

Hürriyet says Turkey’s ruling men in today’s National Security Meeting were briefed about Turkey-EU relations for an hour.  Ms. Akçakoca has a piece that reviews 2009 in this respect.  It was a dire year as she says…

EU-Turkey: a successful 2009?

After two years of domestic crises, there were high expectations that 2009 would be a year of political stability and progress. In particular, Turkey?s relationship with the European Union was quite dire, with Ankara having put the EU dossier on the backburner for such a long time that most people had started to believe that Turkey?s commitment to the process was nothing more than lip service. Therefore, when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan traveled to Brussels last January (his first trip in years) expectations were raised.

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Enver Aydemir needs help

“conscientious objector Enver Aydemir is in military prison under torture” Enver Aydemir, Turkey’s first conscientious objector based on religious reasons, has been arrested and sent to a military prison. Military prisons are already notarious places and it is very likely that Mr. Aydemir is exposed to torture… Bianet news in Turkish. A Facebook support group … Read more

In the heart of coup preparation center

An investigation in Special Forces headquarters continues more than 24 hours. It is called the “Cosmic Room”, military’s top secrets are kept. Even copying is not permitted so the Judge takes notes about documents found there….

President of the Turkish parliament and vice prime minster Bulent ...

President of the Turkish parliament and vice prime minster Bulent Arinc, seen here on the right in 2007. Eight soldiers have been questioned over a presumed plot against Turkey’s vice prime minister, the army has said on its website. (AFP/File/Str)

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Rakı industry strikes back, Rakı viral ads in the net

Since advertising of alcoholic beverages are very limited, more video ads are circulating thru social media. Here is the latest one:

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Istanbul Eats on Araf, and more news about Istanbul

Istanbul Eats blog stopped by Erkan’s all time favorite bar in Istanbul, Taksim.

Istanbul Eats Drinks: Araf Cafe Bar

from Istanbul Eats

(Editor?s Note: Since we realize that those who love to eat usually also like to drink, we are introducing a new feature, ?Istanbul Eats Drinks,? an occasional look at some of the city?s more appealing bars and lounges, places that still have that authentic Istanbul vibe.)

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Anthro roundup- AAA Issues Report on Human Terrain Teams and more

AAA meeting round-up: What did all those anthropologists talk about? from  by Lorenz Three weeks ago, anthropologists from all over the world met in Philadelphia at the annual meerting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). What did all those anthropologists talk about during the largest anthropology meeting in the world? This is no easy … Read more