"Europe complains of Turkish red tape

Europe complains of Turkish red tape

ANKARA- The European Union has called on Turkish authorities to speed up technical preparations in order to open new negotiation chapters.

Turkey EU accession talks inch forward

EU enlargement commissioner urges Turkey to take steps toward admission – International Herald Tribune

Turkey’s EU journey makes it into records

LUXEMBOURG – While Turkey continues to struggles with entry talks, the never-ending story of its journey to the European Union, it has already found its place in the union’s records under a title "The Case of Turkey."

Turkey breaks company with EU in gay vote

ANKARA – In an atmosphere where Turkey is being criticized for the slow pace of its EU reforms, the country refuses to sign a declaration calling all states to take steps to stop the criminalization of homosexuality, contradicting its commitments to the EU in promoting human rights

Turkey in Frankfurt

This year Turkey was the guest country at the Frankfurt Book Fair. We introduce the books that attracted the most critical attention.

Arıtman should be expelled from CHP regardings his accusations that President Gul is of Armenian origin…

Adeviye Gül, the mother of President Abdullah Gül, could be Armenian. She could be Kurd, Georgian, Circassian or similarly.

Instead of accusing European countries of rascist behaviour, Turkey has to look in the mirror before that is broken. Rascism is institutionalised.

Europe complains of Turkish red tape

ANKARA- The European Union has called on Turkish authorities to speed up technical preparations in order to open new negotiation chapters.

Europe complains of Turkish red tape The message was conveyed by French Ambassador Bernard Emie to Yaşar Yakış, the head of Parliament’s EU Harmonization Committee, in a meeting held late Monday, the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review learned."

Washington Times – DALOGLU: The Armenian tragedy

Turkish immigrants in Germany and their cultural conflicts – Essay 

Author: BA(Hons) Edgar Klüsener
Subject: History – Newer History, European Unification

Download instantly as PDF-file for 3,99 EUR (6,31 USD, 3,15 GBP)

Turkey’s Domino Theory

By David Ignatius

ISTANBUL — As Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s leading foreign policy strategist, explains the series of political choices that are ahead in the Middle East next year, he might be describing a row of dominoes. If they fall in the right direction, good things could happen. But if they start toppling the wrong way, watch out."

[MONDAY TALK] ‘Cyprus issue must be solved to get results in EU-Turkey negotiations’


Dorothee Schmid, head of the Turkish studies program at Institut français des relations internationales (Ifri), has said the European Commission is concerned that the Cyprus issue may block the bureaucratic pace of the accession negotiations with Turkey.

Babacan: 2008 will be the year of the EU

By STAR ESER KARAKAŞ on Turkish Press Review

Archiving news stories or newspapers is an arduous task. I hold in my hands the 20th issue, dated February 2008, of Kriter, a journal distributed along with the Radikal daily that includes news analyses and comments on Turkish-EU relations.

Turkey’s best option for the EU: ‘No stopping, keep moving ahead’ by HALUK ÖZDALGA

In Op-Ed

During the last six years, many of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government’s major achievements have come in the area of foreign relations. Despite the powerful influence of the neocons, who sometimes showed an open ideological animosity toward the AK Party, Turkey’s strong partnership and cooperation with the US has been maintained.

The European Union, Turkey and France

In Columnists

The year 2009 has been declared as "The Year of Turkey" in France. It is aimed to establish public diplomacy and to draw greater awareness to Turkey. Although it is not known to what extent this initiative may change perceptions of the two peoples, it is hoped that it will still be constructive.

Turkey, France team players, says French ambassador to Turkey

By KERİM BALCI on Interviews

The French presidency of the Council of the European Union ended with on a positive note for Turkey.

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