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Severed cable disrupts web access

Undersea internet and phone cables from Europe to the Middle East are severed, raising fears of major economic repercussions.

Mideast-Europe internet links hit by cable damage

Internet and telephone communications between the Middle East and Europe were severely disrupted after at least three submarine cables running under the Mediterranean between southern Italy and Egypt were damaged


New Berkman Report: State of Digital Media

By Dan Gillmor on Research

Over the past year and several months, Persephone Miel has been leading a Berkman Center project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation, called Media Re:public:

an assessment of the changes in new media over the past several years and … a sober look at the successes and ongoing challenges.

The goal was to look at journalism in this new era, to figure out where it’s come and where it might be going. The word “sober” is particularly apt given the turmoil that has become standard in the craft and the business.

Today, Persephone and the center released her report overview (PDF), plus a collection of related essays. I wrote one of them, entitled “Principles for a New Media Literacy” — a piece that discusses ways we can and should be more activist as media consumers and creators.

Other contributors — here’s the downloads page (all PDFs) — included Ethan Zuckerman; Pat Aufderheide and Jessica Clark; Ernie Wilson; Tom Stites and John Kelly. You’ll also find case studies of several new-media projects.


Media Re:public: News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age

100 top sites for the year ahead

Two years after we last picked the web’s cream of the crop, we name the future movers and shakers

Bosnians take ethnic battle to Facebook

Facebook, the US-based social networking website, last week removed a Serb nationalist page which glorified the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of Bosnian Muslims

Campaign: saving a cinema in the Canary Islands

By Mary on Tenerife

Description: The Victor Cinema in the city of Tenerife in the Canary Islands is in danger of being closed and a group of people dedicated to the theater, Asamblea para la Defensa del Cine Victor (Assembly to Defend the Victor Cinema), is organizing online to save it.

Digital Activism Tools:web site (http://noalcierredelcinevictor.com) with notices about upcoming actions, a petition, an about page, and a forum to encourage community

Tactic: Afghan blogger wins free speech award

By Talia Whyte on Nasim Fekrat

Description: While many in the traditional journalism world wonder about the future of its industry, the emergence of new media has created innovative opportunities for reporters who want to go deeper into the stories that would otherwise go underreported. In recent times there have been a surge in journalists from countries where free speech is repressed getting their own blogs to challenge their governments and grow grassroots support.

Digital Tools Being Used: blogs

Maura Marx, Open Knowledge Commons and the digital library

By Ethan

On Monday, my laptop and I set up shop in my local university library so I could escape the world of digital content and get some writing done. The university in question has internet connectivity, of course, but I have no affiliation and, therefore, no access. In the heart of an institution dedicated to preserving and sharing knowledge, I managed to find a place where I could disconnect from incoming data long enough to get some writing done.

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