"Anti-Bologna movement spreads in Spain…

Anti-Bologna movement spreads in Spain


EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Opposition to the Bologna Process, an EU-inspired series of university and college reforms, has expanded substantially across Spain in recent weeks, as students protest, occupy school buildings and even block rail lines.

In the last week, demonstrations and occupations have in particular stepped up in Madrid with sit-ins taking over faculties or otherwise protesting at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), the rectorate of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) and University of Alcalá de Henares northeast of the capital. Actions have also taken place in Valencia, Seville and further afield. In Barcelona, students blocked railway lines. The Bologna Process has also provoked significant student opposition in Italy, Finland and Croatia.


The charming city of Leyden in the Netherlands (’Leiden’ in Dutch, pop. 120,000) could without much hyperbole be called the Dutch Oxford. The town boasts the country’s oldest university and is home to museums, libraries, botanical gardens and other institutions connected to its position as the country’s prime centre of learning. Leyden is also home to Oudt Leyden, Europe’s (and possibly the world’s) oldest pancake house. VIA

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"Balkan politicians wage Facebook wars..

"Turkish academics in apology to Armenians

Turkish academics in apology to Armenians

Intellectuals break taboo to acknowledge genocide by Ottoman Turks

By Nicholas Birch in Istanbul
Monday, 15 December 2008

Around 200 Turkish intellectuals and academics are to apologise on the internet today for the ethnic cleansing of Armenians during the First World War, in the most public sign yet that Turkey’s most sensitive taboo is slowly melting away.

"My conscience does not accept the denial of the great catastrophe that the Ottoman Armenians were subjected to in 1915," the text prepared by the group reads. "I reject this injustice and … empathise with the feelings and pain of my Armenian brothers. I apologise to them."

[counter campaign by retired diplomats had also started (in Turkish)]
Ex-Turkish envoys slam campaign apologizing to Armenians

The ‘apology’ question

By SABAH EMRE AKÖZ on Turkish Press Review

A group of intellectuals led by Baskın Oran, Ahmet İnsel, Cengiz Aktar and Ali Bayramoğlu prepared and opened up for signatures a text regarding the events of 1915. The body of the text, which they debated for a long time before coming to an agreement on, was as follows:

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