Day 3 and 4


Defense will take place in this room… Anthropology Reading Room as it is known.  

Oh boy, I was stressing about driving. As if I have not mastered driving in Istanbul. But getting to know the car is important. My Hyundai Getz, my very first car is comfortable. This older Ford car is not that comfortable. When it rained, I could not find out how to start wipers in the middle of highway:( It is over, I am fine with it now…  Anyway, after much planning in road maps, I made it to the Rice campus and started to do… what? I don’t know what to do. I know I will have to do some revisions but i have to see that after defense. I am in Ebru’s office now. She is temporarily staying in Houston and planning to finish up some chapters. Her defense might be in April. Well, I am basically disrupting her study. I have to make new friends around:) I hanged out with Carole, our department coordinator, and we opened up a Facebook account for her. I saw Steve (Tyler), who inspired me to work on metaphors, and in rhetoric in general.

Oh but yesterday, I met with an old friend Julie Kutac. Thanks to her, she gave me a ride to Rice Campus and I could briefly see my advisor Jim (Faubion). He won’t be in town before the defense day so it was in this brief moment I could see him after 4 years. Nothing seems to be wrong so far though.

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